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Safeties Coach Greg Brown Headed to Missouri

Bobby Petrino is experiencing the first instance of coaching staff turnover since his return to Louisville as safeties coach Greg Brown is leaving to coach cornerbacks at Missouri.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville coach Bobby Petrino is experiencing his first instance of coaching staff turnover since his return to Louisville two seasons ago as it was announced today that safeties coach Greg Brown will be leaving the staff to coach cornerbacks under new head coach Barry Odom at Missouri. Odom took over at Missouri after the surprise retirement of Gary Pinkel following the 2015 season.

Coaching staff stability has been one of the most encouraging aspects of the second Bobby Petrino era at Louisville. Despite interest from prominent schools and the NFL for both offensive coordinator Garrick McGee and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, Louisville's staff has been in place untouched for two full seasons. The defensive staff has been something of a surprise with Terrell Buckley, LD Scott, and Tony Grantham not being household names as coaches. But each has been an asset both in coaching and recruiting for Louisville.

Brown also served as recruiting coordinator (a mostly administrative responsibility). Louisville has relief heavily on Dave Boller for the scouting and evaluation aspect of recruiting. It's unclear at this point if the responsibility for coordinating recruiting will transfer to an existing staff member or be added to the new hire. As for the impact to recruiting itself, 247Sports database of recruiters only lists James Sample as a recruit that Greg Brown was the primary recruiter for, so there shouldn't be much of a drop off in that regard.

It's also not readily apparent who the choice will be to fill the position but, generally speaking, Grantham has been given relative autonomy with the defense and the defensive staff. So expect the choice to be mostly his. Whether the replacement will be another young recruiting ace like LD Scott, Lamar Thomas, and Kolby Smith have been or an older experienced guy like Brown was remains to be seen. At a minimum, I would expect the person to be someone Grantham is familiar with and is heavily plugged into the areas Louisville has recruited hardest under Petrino (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida).