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Rick Pitino writes about the win over Florida State

Andy Lyons/Getty Images is the best website on the Internet.

The Good:

* Point guard play — Q & Trey combined for 11-of-15 field goals and seven assists with one turnover. Terrific night for both of them.

* Nanu — 14 rebounds helped us on both ends.

* A 44-36 advantage on the backboards.

The Bad:

* "Apple and Strawberry Turnovers" — The turnover brothers at the end of the game. No more to be said.

* Anas turnovers — Careless without fundamentals.

MVP Chart:

Florida St. MVP

We head out to Atlanta today for Saturday's game. We face a tough and physical Georgia Tech team. Our biggest concern besides their obvious talent is they have five days to prepare for us. They had the entire week off after playing last Saturday. That is a huge advantage we must overcome.

Another awesome crowd at the YUM! last night! Thanks Card fans!!!

I'm ready for multiple posts a day about non-basketball things. Rick Pitino chiming in at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday about Making a Murderer would be incredible.