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Richard Pitino shoots down UNLV rumor

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

It's been three days and somehow we're still talking about the "both Pitinos going to UNLV" message board post report from Saturday night.

Despite the story having already been shot down from virtually every angle possible, Richard Pitino was asked about it again on Tuesday. The report, you might remember, includes the tidbit that Richard would be going with Rick to UNLV where he would serve as an assistant coach and coach in waiting. The younger Pitino says the mere thought of such a scenario keeps him from sleeping.

On Monday night Pitino also addressed a rumor that he and father, Louisville coach Rick Pitino were interested in the newly vacant job at UNLV with the elder Pitino as the head coach and younger Pitino as the coach-in-waiting. The Gophers coach noted there was "zero truth" to the report and made it clear -- perhaps partially joking -- it wasn't something that tempted him for a second, not so much because of the location but because of his would-be boss.

"I've done three years of hard time working for him, I don't want to go back to that," he said. "I've always found it funny when your name gets linked to these things opens you to get crushed by other people even if it isn't true. And you're sitting here like ‘Here we go again' ...Maybe he wants to do it which I seriously, sincerely, 1000 percent doubt - I read that and I was like ‘what?' -but I don't want to go back to that.... The thought of going to work for my dad again keeps me up at night."

Bonus points to Richard for both a vehement and entertaining denial.