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Oklahoma President David Boren is still "very frustrated" the Big 12 "let Louisville get away"

Brett Deering/Getty Images

It seems like a lifetime ago when Louisville was battling West Virginia to get into the Big 12. The Mountaineers ultimately won out in that two-horse race, but U of L fans got over it quickly when the Cards wound up being invited to the ACC.

Some people haven't gotten over the situation so quickly, Oklahoma President David Boren being among them. With the Big 12 exploring the possibility of expanding yet again, Boren felt the need Friday to speak out on everything he thought went wrong the first time the league went through the process.

"You know, I was for adding Louisville (when the Big 12 instead added West Virginia and TCU in 2012)," he said. "I obviously did not prevail, and they have now gone into another conference and they're not available now. But they'd have been a good fit.

"... Boy, I was very frustrated, for example, that we let Louisville get away and we let other schools get away. We had opportunities at one time several years ago before all these schools gave up their rights, their legal rights and their financial rights, we had a real opportunity, I think back then, to even snag some of the bigger-name programs in the country, and we let the opportunity pass us by — in spite of some of us expressing our frustrations."

I feel you, David, but we're all good now.

Cue up "Best Thing I Never Had" by Beyonce.