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Rick Pitino writes about "lost opportunity" at Clemson

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

In his most recent post over at, Bloggin' Rick discusses Sunday's loss to Clemson, his team's propensity for fouling, and the importance of Thursday night's game against Pitt.

Here's a portion:

Well, every game in the conference will be difficult. Clemson was no exception. Give them all the credit for physically taking us out of our offense. We were averaging two-to-three challenged shots per game and that is one of the reasons we were shooting a high percentage. In Sunday's game, we totally abandoned those high percentage shots, going 0-13 with challenged shots. Lots of lessons the hard way for us with this loss.

Golden opportunity lost! Clemson's football team playing for the National Championship Monday night brought a very small crowd to Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Their home court advantage was not like other places because of their arena renovation. Opportunity Lost!

The Bad:

* Fouling. Clemson's 32-44 free throws led to our demise. With the #1 free throw shooting team in the nation coming into the KFC Yum! Center on Thursday, this is something we must correct.

* Seventeen turnovers in a slow game — mostly traveling — was not typical of our team.

* Deflections - my biggest concern with this team. As often stated, if we record 40+ deflections, we win 95% of our games. We have had 26, 26, & 22 deflections the last three games. Clemson had 8 steals to our 6. Not what Louisville defense is all about.

You can read the full post here.