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Monday morning Cardinal news and notes

The 1995 and 1997 national champion Ladybirds still got it.

I_medium The only good thing about Sunday was the U of L women winning their ninth straight by beating down No. 18 Duke at the Yum Center.

I_medium Clemson's victory over Louisville was Brad Brownell's 100th as the Tigers' head coach. He was excited. I was not.

I_medium Yesterday, I drank out of a coffee mug that I swore off of for game day mornings after the Michigan State loss about six weeks ago. I don't know what came over me or why I got so brazen, but this won't happen again. The 93.9 The Ville mug or the 2013 national championship tervis tumblr will remain the only members of the rotation from this point forward. I know this doesn't get yesterday back, but it was important to me that I let all of you know before anyone started asking any questions.

I_medium Normally even-keel Teddy Bridgewater couldn't keep his emotions in check following Sunday's brutal playoff loss to the Seahawks.

Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is known for not getting too high or too low.

He was pretty low Sunday.

Minnesota looked to be on the verge of victory in Bridgewater's first career playoff game. That changed when But Blair Walsh missed a 27-yard field with 22 seconds remaining and Seattle won the wild-card game 10-9 at TCF Bank Stadium.

"This type of loss, everyone is emotional, and (Bridgewater) took it hard," running back Adrian Peterson said.


"It was very tough, but Blair, he's done some great things around here," Bridgewater said. "He's won a ton of football games for us. .... For a game to end like that, it's just tough.

... It's a very emotional time right now."

You're still GUMP, buddy.

I_medium Louisville football is ranked No. 16 by in the publication's first way too early top 25 for next season.

I_medium Last night made it official that the winner of this season's coveted "team I constantly find myself watching for no apparent reason" is Oregon. Past winners include Nebraska last season and Michigan the year before.

I_medium One writer in Raleigh sees Louisville as the "new Maryland" for NC State.

Bad things keep happening to N.C. State when it runs up against Louisville (13-2, 2-0 ACC). Not even two years into their ACC membership, the Cardinals knocked the Wolfpack out of the NCAA tournament last year in the Sweet 16.

Then in October, Louisville's 20-13 win in Raleigh in the ACC opener set the tone for an underachieving football season.

That Louisville replaced Maryland in the ACC, who formerly had some sort of spell over N.C. State for much of the 2000s, only makes perfect sense.

Hard pass.

I_medium The folks at CBS are befuddled by Louisville's loss to Clemson.

I_medium Shakin' the Southland, SB Nation's Clemson site, acknowledges the victory, but pretty much everyone over there is in Phoenix either in body or in spirit.

I_medium Signing up for an account is easy, Mike.

Happy to have you.

I_medium Who knew that Grand Canyon had one of the best home atmospheres in college basketball. I can't imagine what that place is going to be like when Louisville visits next year.

I_medium Jeff Greer has a really good piece up on Damion Lee, who takes after his mother when it comes to attention to detail.

Damion Lee was no more than 5 or 6, Michelle Riddick explains, when he found a pair of shoes he liked in a store. Always searching for a bargain, even as a little kid, the young Lee studied and studied the shoes until he found a scuff on them.

"He said, 'I like these - can I get something off of them for this scuff, a discount?'" Riddick said, laughing. "He got 15 percent off."

The 6-foot-6 scorer has carried that attention to detail into young adulthood, and he put it to good use this spring during his search for the school where he would spend his final year of college eligibility. He graduated from Drexel last spring, and the NCAA's graduate transfer rule allowed him to move schools and play right away, without having to sit out a season.

Riddick said she got phone calls "from everywhere," and Lee eventually dwindled down his post-grad recruiting process to Arizona, Gonzaga, Louisville, Marquette and Maryland. He spent hours charting out how the wings he would be replacing fared, and he watched seemingly endless amounts of game film on Synergy Sports, hoping to cut through all the recruiting noise and get his own feel for what each team does.

Like the discount on his shoes so many years ago, Lee's meticulous studying paid off once again. He is the leading scorer for 16th-ranked Louisville, and he has become the face of a team that has already won over coach Rick Pitino and U of L fans with its spirit and chemistry.

In U of L, Riddick said, her son found the perfect fit.

"Nothing against Drexel at all. We were hit with the injury bug. We didn't have the years we could have had," Lee said at ACC media day just before the season began. "But this year, this is a fresh start. I know there's a lot of expectations playing here at Louisville, but I wouldn't have come here if I didn't think I could play up to those expectations."

I_medium St. X grad and budding PGA star Justin Thomas answered a question with an honest, harmless answer and got grilled for it. That's kind of messed up.

I_medium Jay Bilas watched Syracuse fall to 0-3 in the ACC last week with Jim Boeheim, which must have been quite the experience.

I_medium Kansas might be the No. 1 team in the country, but the Jayhawks and Texas Tech engaged in the most asstatic 25 seconds of basketball that the 2015-16 season has produced to date.

I_medium Louisville is No. 20 in Luke Winn's most recent power rankings for Sports Illustrated, but this portion of his spiel on Iowa is probably more pertinent to U of L fans checking the post out.

Research by Iowa blog Black Heart Gold Pants in a post titled JARROD UTHOFF IS UNREAL €”indicates that Uthoff's rare combination of three-point shooting and blocks is Shane Battier-like. My own research suggests that Uthoff's combination of high-usage/efficiency and blocks is rare, too. According to data from the past five seasons, only two players have finished with usage rates above 20%, ORatings abover 120, and block rates above 10%, and both went on to the NBA: Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns and Norfolk State's Kyle O'Quinn. Uthoff, along with Stony Brook's Jameel Warney and Louisville's Chinanu Onuaku, is on that pace this season:

So, yeah, keeping Chinanu out of foul trouble is fairly important.

I_medium Your ACC dunks of the week can be found here.

I_medium If you've been dreaming since September of owning a murderbird cleat autographed by Bobby Petrino, your ship has arrived.

I_medium I seriously need this shirt.

I_medium Former U of L WR commit Des Fitzpatrick picked up a scholarship offer Sunday from Mississippi State, which makes sense since Terrell Buckley (who just took the job as the Bulldogs' new safeties coach) was his primary recruiter here. Fitzpatrick, for what it's worth, still maintains that the Cards are very much in the mix to land his services.

I_medium Big ups to our guy Austin Montgomery for calling into the radio show on Friday. It was great for those two worlds to collide for one glorious 60 second period.

I_medium You've gotta go with a hard-hitting follow-up in this situation imo.

I_medium The No. 7/11 University of Louisville men's and women's swimming and diving team swept ACC foe Florida State by winning 17 of 20 events Saturday morning.  After leading by only one point after day one, the Cardinal men cruised to a 203-150 win with the women holding on to their lead of a day ago and surging to a 238-115 win.

I_medium Things have not gone well for Armon Bassett since his playing days at IU.

I_medium Trey Lewis says the change has to start with him for Louisville to get back on track.

To the team captains, Damion Lee and Trey Lewis, the loss provided a wake-up call. Louisville's players, they said, aren't taking the correct approach to games and practices.

"It's too lackadaisical," Lewis said. "There's not a sense of urgency. I know it's the beginning of the league, but this is the toughest league in basketball. Every night is going to be a dogfight. It's not going to be blowouts, or what we were accustomed to, so we have to have that mentality coming into these games."

Lewis, who was 3-of-19 from the field for 10 points, blamed himself for what he described as the team's lax attitude.

"I have to take that," he said. "We have to come out more prepared and our approach has to be much better."

I_medium Sheldon Rankins has hired an agent in Buddy Baker of Exclusive Sports Group.

I always feel like a parent sending a kid off to college for the first time when I post these agent announcements. Knew the separation was real, but now it actually feels real. Don't do anything we wouldn't do, Sheldon.

I_medium I don't think this sort of thing happens anywhere else in the country, and I love it.

I_medium Jawon Pass hasn't lived in Louisville yet, but still says that it already feels like home.

I_medium Speaking of Pass, he reportedly spent last week at the Army All-American game looking like one of the top quarterbacks in the county.

I_medium The Louisville lacrosse team will begin its 2016 season ranked No. 14 in the country.

I_medium Nailed it.

I_medium U of L women's soccer will be hosting its annual Winter Skills Camp on Saturday, February 6th from 9-12. More details available here.

I_medium USA Today says Louisville is one of the 14 places in America that you have to visit in 2016.

I_medium Not just a superstar, but an absolute superstar.

Those are the best kind.

I_medium Congrats to Jennifer Lawrence on her latest major award. Let us know if you have any tips on how to get better looks against a well-seasoned and highly physical man-to-man defense.

I_medium Sammie Moore, a former Harlem Globetrotters from Louisville who spent 45 years acting as the mentor and father figure for thousands of African-American youths in Louisville's west end, died Friday. Our thoughts are with his loved ones.

I_medium And finally, tune into Ramsey & Rutherford this afternoon from 3-6 on 93.9 The Ville for plenty of talk about the state of the basketball team, and maybe a little about tonight's national championship game. You can always listen to the station live at this link.