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Lamar Jackson says he didn't play well against Auburn, can throw the ball 95 yards

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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The legend of Lamar Jackson has grown in the days since the true freshman nearly led Louisville out of a 24-0 hole and to a win over No. 6 Auburn last Saturday, but the man himself says he wasn't all that impressed by his own performance.

"Grade-wise, I'd give myself a C," Jackson told the media after Tuesday's practice. "I didn't really pass how I wanted to. I was just out there trying to get my team back too fast and not taking my time. I ran very well. I just didn't show my passing ability. I know I can throw."

Jackson became the first true freshman in the history of Louisville football to rush for at least 100 yards in his first game, carrying the ball 16 times for 106 yards and one score. He was less efficient in the passing game, where he was often facing heavy pressure which turned designed passes into impromptu runs. Jackson completed 9 of 20 passes for 100 yards against the Tigers.

Though Jackson came to Louisville with the reputation for being an out-of-this world athlete, the coaching staff has echoed the freshman's claim all summer that he is a more than capable thrower. Part of that is based on his arm strength, which fellow freshman and roommate Jaylen Smith said on Monday allows Jackson to throw the ball 85 yards.

Eighty-five? Jackson says that's selling him just a bit short.

"In high school I threw it 95," Jackson said. "We came out here during the summer, we were just throwing it, and I had seen a video on Instagram of a 95 yard throw. I was like, 'yeah I can throw it.' So I went out there and threw it."

Was this with a Nerf Vortex or an actual ball? Hopefully, we'll get an opportunity to see this firsthand at some point.