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The Cardinal Countdown: 0 Days Until Kickoff

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Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Year four of ‘The Cardinal Countdown’ is in the books. Thanks for coming along with me on this 100 day journey as we learned a little more about all 110 players on the active roster. For those of you who follow the countdown you know I not only enjoy providing informative content but like making a few jokes here and there on occasion as well.

Below are the 'Top 10’ posts from this summer that I had the most fun putting together…

10. Bad Rad & The Fashion Police

9. The Tight End & a baby

8. Reggie & the wristband

7. Two weeks’ notice

6. T-Swizzle

5. Parking with Corvin

4. The Big Cookie

3. Ball Is Life

2. Late Night High jinks

1. Psych Therapy

Once again a big ‘Thank You’ to all who commented, shared, tweeted, pinned, told your friends, told your mom, told your friends mom, etc during the countdown. Always appreciate the feedback and hope to see you all right back here next season. You’ve heard enough from me over the last 100 days so I’ll leave you with this…

The fans are ready, the players are ready…and you can bet your sweet ass Murderbird is ready.

Go Cards, beat Auburn.