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Where to find Ramsey & Rutherford in Atlanta this weekend

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We've been talking about this on the show all week, but if you missed or were just looking for some clarity, here are the official details about where you can see myself and John Ramsey doing radio this weekend in Atlanta.


We will be doing Friday afternoon's Ramsey & Rutherford show from Buckhead Tavern in the heart of the Atlanta Buckhead area from 3-6 tomorrow.

Here's the website

And here's the address:

264 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

The tavern will be featuring half-priced appetizers and drink specials for Cardinal fans throughout the show, and we're going to be putting a handful of the U of L fans who show up on the radio to give their game predictions. Should be a really fun, pre-tailgate/pep rally atmosphere.

If you're heading down tonight or early tomorrow, come hang out with us, bring your CCBM, and share your favorite Jonathan Huffman moment.


ESPN Louisville's pregame coverage for the game will actually start at 10 a.m. with the Cardinal Sports Zone folks doing their show from 10-12 live at the Red Rage Tailgate. I'll be there to set-up (hopefully with at least three hours of sleep under my belt) and hang out until John and I take over to help out with the pregame show at noon.

The Red Rage folks will be serving hot dogs, chips and soft drinks for free to Cards fans who show up (until they run out). They also have a sick new RV with a sick new 93.9 decal.

Here's where they're going to be set up:

A reminder that our pregame coverage will feature Mark Ennis manning the ship from the studio, John and I tailgating with you guys from Atlanta, and then Marques Maybin and Drew Deener will be at 4th Street Live for the U of L party there.

Not sure exactly where the postgame celebration is going to be, but if Louisville wins, we will all be making some memories together.

Hope to see as many of you all as possible tomorrow and Saturday. Could not be more excited.