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Bobby Petrino press conference highlights

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

--Samford was a good win for us. We did what we were supposed to do. I enjoyed watching the film because I saw a lot of execution of the things we'd been working hard on during practice. They played hard, they played fast, and I really enjoyed it.

--We have to have a great week of practice to get ready for an NC State team that looks really good on film. They have a lot of the same guys that we went up against last year. They're really running the ball well and they have a big quarterback who can throw the ball around the field.

--We have to cover our kicks and punts really well because they have some big threats in the return game. That should be a good challenge for us.

--We need to establish some continuity on offense, and i think we started that last weekend.

--This is going to be a game that probably comes down to who executes better and makes plays in the 4th quarter.

--Jeremy Smith should be able to go on Saturday. He was actually available in the second half against Samford, but because of the score I chose to hold him out.

--We didn't get as much of a look at Jeremy on Saturday as I was hoping, so I'm not sure if he'll start again this week. We felt like he had the best week of practice last week and so we gave him the start.

--We still don't have the power running game that we're used to. I've been happy with the way our receivers have been in position to block, we just have to get into the secondary with our running backs.

--The players really understand that you earn your way onto the field by practicing well. They know that their resume is the practice video.

--Lamar is very talented and has unbelievable instincts. He has to get better each week. Lamar can make all the throws, he just has to operate the offense within the game better and trust his line a little bit more. I keep going back to the TD throw to Quick, but there was an unblocked guy coming in on that play and he made the perfect read and a perfect throw.

--We'll continue to see how we can get Lamar and Reggie on the field at the same time. I liked the way it looked on Saturday, we'll just have to keep evaluating it. I like having that speed on the field at the same time. That's also why you saw Corvin Lamb get some carries.

--One of our goals as we go forward in this conference is to be the fastest team in the league. We're going to recruit speed and try to get our fastest guys on the field.

--We have to stop the run on first down against NC State if we want to win. We have to get them into 3rd and long. Offensively, we need to get a lead because that really helps the defense. We need to be better in the first quarter and force opponents to play from behind.

--I've been cheering for Corvin Lamb because I've seen how hard he's worked and how great his attitude has been through these injuries. He's been able to play faster and really show his speed these last couple of weeks.

--A lot of times the starters are just based on the first personnel group you send out there. I always think of it as we have 14 or 15 starters. Like, I don't think of Brandon Radcliff as not a starter just because he wasn't out there for the first few plays the other night.

--We worked a little bit ahead on NC State because I had confidence in our players' ability to beat Samford like we should have.

--I liked the moves we made to the lineup on Saturday. I think Lukayus McNeil has a great future ahead of him. His effort was terrific and his teammates saw that on video. Players always recognize great effort and they feed off of that.