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Week 4 College Football Picks

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 features an additional model used to help better predict point spreads.

YTD Record: 182-48

A lot of folks have asked for picks against the spreads.  I do not gamble on football games (other than friendly wagers), but a lot do.  These are my takes on key games.  For the full set of games go to .

This week, there are some games that may be of interest:

BYU beats Michigan in the "Big House".  Take BYU and the points.

Missouri recovers to beat Kentucky.  Take Missouri and the points.

Northern Illinois plays spoiler at Boston College.  Take Northern Illinois and the points.

Auburn's woes continue.  Take Mississippi State and the points.

Rice will cover against Baylor.

Arizona State will cover against USC.

Cincinnati will cover against Memphis.

Next week, we will have more models in play, as the teams become more connected.  For now enjoy the games.