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Bobby Petrino Pre-Samford Press Conference Highlights

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

--I still like our attitude at 0-3, but all those things are going to be challenged now. We've really struggled offensively and haven't been able to do the things that we normally like to do.

--None of the quarterbacks have stepped up and said "I'm the guy," so we're still looking for someone to separate themselves at the position.

--The offensive front and running the ball are going to be our emphasis this week because we have not done that well at all so far.

--The schedule that we've played has not allowed us to play a lot of guys on the offensive line. I did like what I saw from Lukayus McNeil and Kiola Mahoni. With Kiola, it's not a question of ability it's just his ability to understand the offense. We've just got to play more guys on the line and get them some experience.

--Defensively, we've been ok. We've struggled to stop the run, but a lot of that is because of the offense. Teams have been able to play they want to play against us on offense because our offense hasn't been able to score and put pressure on them.

--I like the players on the team, but I'm certainly uncomfortable being 0-3. It's not something that we're used to. We just have to keep working hard and good things will happen.

--We'd like to see one guy separate himself at the quarterback spot, but it hasn't happened. We felt like the Clemson game was going to be a close game and that Kyle would give us the best chance to win in that situation. So far we've gone with the quarterback that has matched up best against that week's opponent.

--The package with Lamar and Reggie both in it did well against Clemson. We liked what we saw there.

--Reggie is one of the greatest kids in the world. All Reggie wants to do is to try to find ways to help us win games.

--Samford runs the same offense that we saw from Murray State last year, and they run it very well. They have a bit of a different defensive package. They defended Auburn very well last year. They look like a very good team on video.

--One of the things you try to do when you lose a game is not let your emotions get the best of you, so I've always tried to keep it short and simple in the locker room after a loss and then come back and watch video the next day. I probably wasn't as quiet as I should have been on Friday.

--Will Gardner was back throwing the ball a little bit last week.

--One of the reasons we went with Kyle last week because he is very fiery and emotional. We thought he kind of lifted everyone on offense when he came in against Houston, so that was one of the reasons we went with him against Clemson.

--We thought we made some good strides with our protection against Houston, but that Clemson team is very tough up front.

--We have talent, we're just young and learning.

--(On if he's worried about John Wallace's confidence) Yeah, just like everybody else's. He just needs to remember that he's been really good and really consistent up to this point, and he's going to have another big opportunity and we're going to need him to make it.

--We remind our guys all the time about shutting out the outside noise (social media, coverage, etc.). All that stuff really makes you doubt yourself and your beliefs, and that can't happen.

--James Quick ran today. We need to see if there's any swelling or any other negative reactions to that. He could be back on the practice field in a limited capacity tomorrow.

--Jamari Staples is still a ways away.

--I've always enjoyed opening with a big game. I think it's helped our team. We knew we had a really good early schedule, we just needed a couple more plays. We are where we're at right now, and all we can do is focus and improve on what we need to do to win this game.

--Even if we were 3-0 we would be talking about tearing off the rearview mirror and letting the past be the past. All you can control is what's ahead of you.