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Louisville is a 6-point underdog against Clemson

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in three 2015 games, the Louisville Cardinals are an underdog. Clemson is currently favored to beat U of L by six points according to the folks in Vegas, despite the game actually opening as a pick 'em.

Louisville has lost four of the last five games in which they have not been favored, including a 31-24 loss to Auburn in a game where they were 10.5-point underdogs to begin the season. The Cardinals' only win as an underdog since the 2013 Sugar Bowl came a year ago when they knocked off Notre Dame in South Bend. U of L was a 3-point dog in that game despite owning a national ranking and playing an unranked Irish squad.

I know that we're still not over the Houston loss, and there will be more talk about it on here today. but we're just three days away from one of the biggest games on the schedule. The focus re-shifting process needs to at least start at some point on this Monday.