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Week 1 Bowl Projections For Louisville Football

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Whole lotta Cardmageddon II predictions here with the Sun Bowl and Pinstripe Bowl both taking place on the same day as the Louisville-Kentucky basketball game. I'd like to be able to focus at least a semblance of my attention on presents and Santa, guys.

ESPN (Schlabach): Sun Bowl vs. Utah (12/26)

ESPN (McMurphy): Pinstripe Bowl vs. Iowa (12/26)

SB Nation: Pinstripe Bowl vs. Northwestern (12/26)

CBS: Music City Bowl vs. Missouri (12/30)

USA Today: Pinstripe Bowl vs. Minnesota (12/26)

Phil Steele: Sun Bowl vs. Utah (12/26)

The Sporting News: Music City Bowl vs. Arkansas (12/30)

Sports Illustrated: Sun Bowl vs. Utah (12/26)

Campus Insiders: Pinstripe Bowl vs. Nebraska (12/26)

Fox Sports: Sun Bowl vs. Utah (12/26)