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The Cardinal Countdown: 4 Days Until Kickoff

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#4 Corvin Lamb

Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 5-9/208

Position: Running back

Hometown: Miami, FL

Twitter: @lamb_mh

Thoughts: Corvin Lamb’s career at Louisville is somewhat depressing for me. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll be walking out the door as a solid contributor with at least one degree in hand no matter how 2015 unfolds, so there is nothing to cry about, but thinking about what could have been is tough to swallow. Lambo was another great who played for Northwestern High School in Miami, following the likes of Teddy, Eli, Michaelee Harris and classmate Jermaine Reve to the Cards. We had some depth at RB when Lamb came in as a freshman (Vic Anderson, Jeremy Wright, Senorise Perry) so he took a redshirt, which made sense. As a RS Freshman in 2012 most expected him to get his feet wet on special teams and thought he may be used sparingly in the run game, we all knew he had speed but weren’t quite sure just how the Watson offense would try and use it. Through nine games Lamb had two rushing attempts and zero catches. And then it happened…

As the lone highlight from a very painful game, Lamb made the catch, gave a quick juke, then turned on the afterburners for 40 yards showing Syracuse, NY who the fastest man in the building was, hands down. It was a screen pass that had one half-assed block…he just straight outran everyone. As the last few games of 2012 wound down many believed Lamb could become a Percy Harvin type player for the Cards in 2013. He wouldn’t be an every down back, but someone we could use on end arounds, screens, etc. He was limited in the 2013 opener and then game two, against EKU, Lamb tore his ACL and was sidelined the rest of the year. In the offseason Lamb worked hard to come back from his injury and spent a lot of time on breaking tackles and catching balls out of the backfield. You knew Bobby was going to get him on the field as a playmaker with speed, and after losing Parker for the first half of the season it sounded as if his special teams role may be expanded into something much bigger. I was getting excited since I already loved Lamb at kick returner, so much so I had the following quote in his post last season…

While it appeared Charlie was going to give Lamb a shot at KR last year, I’m real excited to see him back there again with Gaines to start off the season. I mean, if he feels up too it, I say go ahead and just run the damn thing back for a touchdown to start off the game. Sound like a plan?

It wasn’t to start the game, but in my opinion it couldn’t have come at a better time…

After having just given up the lead the Cards needed a response and Lamb once again made a slight adjustment before going into ‘track-mode’ and started leaving Miami players in his wake. We were back in the same situation as 2011 with depth at running back but Lamb could provide fuel in the return game and in the open field as a receiver, the time was right…but it just didn’t happen. Lamb had a few more return opportunities against Murray State and Virginia that were sufficient, but not overwhelming, and only a handful of garbage rushing attempts late in the Murray and FIU games. I honestly believe with Parker coming back to open up the passing game some that Lamb could have made some plays for us in the flats or out of the slot late last year but unfortunately, Lamb was hit again with a near season ending injury after only six games.

I think most have tapered expectations for Lamb in 2015, not because they don’t have faith in his abilities, but because of other players stepping into specific roles and the uncertainty of having back to back seasons with injuries keeping him out of 15 games in 2013 and 2014. After nursing his knee in the Spring Petrino says Lamb is back to 100% and that he is still seen as a homerun threat out of the backfield or in the return game. We all know Lamb can float, but can he make the leap into a consistent return threat? Can he power through tackles, can he be more elusive, can he see holes better..? Maybe he’s not an every down player, but there are a lot of guys in the NFL making money because they do one or two things really good. Lamb can be that guy as a returner with some solid coaching and a season where he stays healthy. While Corvin has been somewhat forgotten this year he showed flashes during fall camp of what he can still bring to the table. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do as a veteran in an offense that’s appears to be primed for a breakout season and in a special teams unit looking to improve.

Sweet Tweet:

Not sure if that’s a 100% accurate statement but UofL parking authority has a known reputation for not being too stingy with the paper, if you know what I mean. The irony of all this is that when Tom Jurich arrived many joked UofL’s campus was just a few buildings and a parking lot…now it’s covered with world renowned athletic facilities, top notch academic offices, and not a single damn place to actually park a car. Just like everything else on campus though I know a guy with a plan…

[Dr. Ramsey is sitting in his office when suddenly the ‘red phone’ starts to ring]

Dr Ramsey: Must be Tom, wanting to build something else...[picks up phone]…Hey, Tom what’d you have in mind this time?

Tom Jurich: Dr. Ramsey, I’ve had this vision for quite some time, a vision where each athlete on campus has their own personal parking spot. You see Dr. Ramsey these finely tuned athletes don’t have time to drive around campus looking for parking spots, they don’t have the money to pay for parking tickets and they need a place to park their cars where they can keep them safe. I want to build a parking garage. But not just any garage, because when we build something on this campus we--

Ramsey: --build it first class…yeah, yeah, I know. Have to be honest Tom, not exactly the most exciting pitch you’ve ever given me. I think parking is fine right now, we can hold off until the academic center is done, maybe after the stadium expansion?

Tom: Dr. Ramsey, that just won’t be soon enough. I’ve got Mr. James Burgess out here driving around with a top of the line personalized window decal that’s subject to the elements, subject to vandalism and to be blunt Dr. Ramsey, subject to excretion…from birds. Bird exrection Dr. Ramsey. You see Dr. Ramsey when the bird eats it is then forced to eliminate the--

Ramsey: I get it, I get it. I understand the concept of bird poop. Look, I don’t have a problem with it but we’ve got some large scale projects going on that we’re in the middle of trying to fund. Where are we going to get the money to build a parking garage?

Tom: I’ve got some people in New York who owe me a big favor, sir. I made a few phone calls and the funds are already taken care of.

Ramsey: Well, okay I guess. Send me the renderings and I’ll sign off on it.

Tom: Will do. Thank you for your time Dr. Ramsey. You have a first class afternoon.

Ramsey: Thanks Tom….[opens email]…


FWD: Ramsey, James


To: Tom Jurich

From: New York Office, NCAA

Sent: Monday, August 31st, 2015

Subject: Favor

Dear Tom,

Hope you like the new design, sorry again about that NCAA Super Regional. Our bad on that one. Let us know what you think…

-The Replay Guys