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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

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Four days. I feel you, boys.

I_medium Spread check: Auburn by 10.5.

I_medium It's that time again: if you're going to be watching Saturday's game with Louisville fans somewhere other than Louisville or Atlanta, email me ( or comment here with your viewing spots so that they can be included on Friday morning's "Where We're Watching" post.

I_medium The first official DJ K-Dogg tailgate mix of the season is now available for your download.

I_medium Murderbirds on the move.

I_medium If you're looking to watch Jawon Pass play Friday night in Georgia -- after attending the Ramsey & Rutherford remote show at Buckhead Tavern -- here's one way you can make that happen.

I_medium Should you need to stream Saturday's game in order to watch it, you will be able to do that exclusively on this website, or through the CBS Sports mobile app. The stream will feature an "all-22" camera angle which will provide a full-field view from the 50-yard line showing all players on the field. You can flip back and forth between that view and the standard camera angle.

I_medium Pat Forde's "Forde Yard Dash" feature is back on, and it includes a spiel on neutral site games like Louisville's this weekend.

What's been good for the Tide can be good for others. Which is why we now have neutral-site games proliferating in Atlanta (Louisville-Auburn), Arlington (Alabama-Wisconsin), Houston (Arizona State-Texas A&M), Charlotte (North Carolina-South Carolina) - and, next year, Orlando (Mississippi-Florida State).

The go-play-somebody attitude is spreading to actual home-and-home series now, too. On Thursday, Michigan will play its first true road opener since 1998, at Utah. On Saturday, Texas will play its first true road opener since 1995, at Notre Dame. And on Monday, Ohio State will play its first on-campus road opener since 1998, at Virginia Tech.

Stokan described the Chick-fil-A kickoff game as a "five-way win" for schools that play in it. One, fans hungry for quality matchups win: he said both Auburn and Louisville sold out 30,000-ticket allotments for this Saturday, and TV audiences have been robust. Two, the coaches win, via TV exposure and the chance to make an impact with recruits in one of the most talent-rich football states in America. Three the athletic director wins - he gets a big check to play with (Louisville and Auburn each will get $3.25 million, and Alabama and Florida State will get $5 million apiece in 2017), without paying a seven-figure guarantee to a bad opponent. Four, the president wins because Chick-fil-A endows a $50,000 scholarship to each school. Five, the players win, because they get a high-exposure game against a quality opponent.

You know who else wins? The media, which has far better coverage options to start the season than it used to.

I_medium Jeff Walz continues to kill it on the recruiting trail. Yesterday he landed a commit from top New York prospect Sydney Zambrotta.

I_medium Your guide to visiting Auburn from the fine folks at

I_medium It's never really a big game until Krystal Burger gets involved.

Do you even have Big Red? White Castle has Big Red.

I_medium Stat guru Kelly Dickey has a great rundown of the history of Louisville's football stadiums over on

I_medium Speaking of Dickey, he points out that Louisville is 19-1 in non-conference games under Bobby Petrino. Pretty sure that one loss didn't happen, and if it did, it definitely didn't involve a dropped interception and a failed attempt to punt a ball out-of-bounds.

I_medium I've been listening to a lot of Auburn podcasts over the last couple of weeks and they're pretty much exactly what I was hoping for: lots of passion, lots of knowledge, and lots of big Southern drawls. Today's "Tiger Talk" pod on is especially worthy of your time ... assuming you have an hour to kill.

I_medium The CBS crew for Saturday's game talks about what they expect.

"If I was Louisville, with (defensive coordinator) Todd Grantham having a lot of experience vs. the Auburn attack, he knows how important it is for his secondary vs. them," Danielson said. "As a unit, Auburn is one of the most difficult teams for a secondary to line up against properly and get their fits and angles. The secondary for Louisville and the (offensive line) for Louisville, they can't get dominated in this game. Whoever starts at quarterback, they have enough experience. But the two areas that have to come through for Louisville are the offensive line and the secondary."

As for Louisville's secondary, the CBS guys aren't the only ones paying close attention to the players replacing All-American safety Gerod Holliman and his hard-hitting counterpart James Sample. In all, U of L had five regulars in their defensive backfield move on, leaving gaping holes on the back end of the Cards' defense.

An infusion of talent, however, should help offset those departures, particularly with two former blue-chip defensive backs who played for Grantham at Georgia in cornerback Shaq Wiggins and safety Josh Harvey-Clemons.

Their history against Auburn, plus Petrino's past involvement with both Auburn and the Georgia Dome, makes for a sexy pregame story line, Neuheisel said.

But "none of that old stuff will factor in," he said. "It'll factor in for us talking heads. ... That all makes for interesting conversation, but when they kick it off, it's going to be fascinating to watch the teams play."

I_medium The Oakland Raiders cut Trent Richardson on Monday, in large part so that they could make room for Michael Dyer on their roster.

I_medium To absolutely no one's surprise, Everett Golson has been named the starting quarterback at Florida State.

I_medium David Hale stats are some of the best stats.

I_medium Luda is performing at Providence's Midnight Madness this October. Hope he's at the top of his game.

I_medium Jeff Greer of the C-J has a revamped Louisville basketball recruiting big board.

I_medium Former Cardinal Adam Duvall broke a 5-5 tie with a 2-run bomb in his first at-bat as a Cincinnati Red last night. Duvall has now homered in his first career at-bat as a member of the Reds, the San Francisco Giants and the Louisville Bats. That's pretty unreal.

I_medium Darrell Griffith was one of five Utah Jazz players drafted in the wrong era.

Darrell Griffith

The Jazz drafted Darrell Griffith with the second pick after his 1980 National Championship run with the Louisville Cardinals. Griffith won Most Outstanding Player in the Final Four, and he is the only Jazz player to win NBA Rookie of the Year.

Despite separate seasons where he averaged over 20 points per game, Griffith never made an All-Star Game. Had Griffith's 10-year career taken place between 2006 and 2015, he'd join only Monta Ellis and Kevin Martin as four-time members of the 20 ppg club to never make an All-Star Game.

Martin and Ellis have combined to make over $140 million in their careers, while Griffith pulled in less than $10 million in his career. Griffith is best known by his moniker "Dr. Dunkenstein," but also led the NBA in 3-point percentage at 36.1 percent.

Despite leading the league in percentage, Griffith never attempted more than 3.3 3s per game. Had Griffith played today, he'd like see his 3-point attempts rise, and his highlight film dunks spread across ESPN and lucrative shoe deals.

I_medium The 18th-ranked men's soccer team fell to No. 8 Stanford 1-0 on a late goal last night at Lynn Stadium. The Cards are back in action Friday night against Stonybrook in the "This Round's on Coach" game. The first 250 fans inside the stadium will have their initial beverage paid for by Ken Lolla.

I_medium Louisville-Auburn is one of the three most expensive college football tickets of opening weekend.

I_medium Jody Demling's top 10 U of L players is headlined by Josh Harvey-Clemons.

I_medium And finally, Ramsey & Rutherford is back today talking about the release of the depth charts for Saturday's game, and talking to Auburn beat writer Brandon Marcello at 4 p.m. It's also Twitter freaking Tuesday so chime in with any questions you'd like to have answered.