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The Cardinal Countdown: 27 Days Until Kickoff

Safe to say that no other jersey number combination could be more important to the Cards this season than #27. L.J. Scott and Jermaine Reve look to represent the number well.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#27 LJ Scott

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-0/226

Position: Running back

Hometown: Marion, OH

Twitter: @ljscII_27

Thoughts: While some expected Scott to get a few carries here and there last year I’m not sure anyone expected him to produce on the level he did last season. His 6.9yds/carry was a team best and his 201 total yards were not far behind Dominique Brown despite only getting 1/3 of the opportunities that Dom received. Granted, the bulk of his carries last year came against Murray State, but in that game he had UofLs longest run from scrimmage for the season (68yds) and had over 100yds (126) on only 11 attempts. Refresh your memory below…

This year LJ will be relied on more heavily than 2014 with the departure of Dyer and Brown and the coaches have expressed that they have no hesitation to put him in the game in big spots this year if needed. Some may not remember that Scott enrolled early last year so he has gone through two spring sessions already and will have completed two fall camps by the time the 2015 season starts. That extra time is huge in terms of preparation and preparedness. Obviously Brandon Radcliff is the first option at running back, and the announcement of him being a team captain yesterday only confirmed that, but I think Scott and Jeremy Smith are 2a and 2b respectively. Scott’s extra time in the system has shown that he can also be a dependable fullback who blocks well and can be relied on to catch the ball (tied with Brown for most catches out of the backfield last year). If you pressed me, with 27 days left before kickoff, I’d peg Scott as the second leading rusher in 2015. He was good last year, and I think he’s getting better. Oh, and in case you forgot, he’s just a Sophomore.

Sweet Tweet:

Right there with LJ…every day is one day closer.



#27 Jermaine Reve

Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-0/192

Position: Safety

Hometown: Miami, FL

Twitter: @BigPlayReve

Thoughts: If it seems like Reve has been around awhile it’s because he has. If Reve had played as a true freshman he would have been a part of Coach Strong’s second class here at Louisville. Instead, Reve took a redshirt and stepped into a major role in 2012, appearing in all 13 games and grabbing 32 tackles. Reve also appeared in all 13 games in 2013 and would have surely done so last year if not for an ACL injury in the Spring. If Reve gets clock in 13 games this year he would have actually tied Hakeem Smith for most games played in a career. You don’t even sniff that record if you’re not contributing weekly.

When Reve worked his way back and finally started last year, and most of his appearances throughout the season, he played in the nickel coverage where he was considered a third safety or third corner depending upon the coverage being called. I like a healthy Reve to resume that role in 2015, meaning he may not “start” every game if we maintain our standard 3-4 defense, but he will without a doubt be used for specific situations or to relieve the strong safety. As crazy as it may sound the defense may have actually been even better than it was last year if not for Reve’s injury. Terrell Floyd played admirably in his role, but to come back so quickly from an ACL injury and jump right back in as a starter in week 6 shows just how skillful Reve is. Hopefully Jermaine is close to 100% (3 days into fall camp he appears close to full speed) and his talents help aid another dominant defense/secondary in 2015.

Sweet Tweet: Jermaine recently blocked his tweets so I can’t get you anything new from him this year. Since I referenced the career games record above I thought I’d throw some defense records out there and give the 2015 squad something to shoot for. I put the 2014 defensive stats in parenthesis.

1. Fewest Yard Allowed: 2,036yds, 1972 (4,011)

2. Fewest Yards Allowed/Play: 3.0, 1971 (4.75)

3. Total Defense per game: 203.6yds, 1972 (308.5)

4. Fewest Rushing Yds/Game: 79.9yds, 200 (108.92)

5. Fewest Passing Yds/Game: 84.6yds, 1971 (199.6)

*1971 and 1972 seasons only had 10 games.