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Friday Afternoon Cardinal News and Notes

Jesse may have graduated from IU, but there's no question where his allegiance will lie for these basketball and football

I_medium A quick, but very important, follow-up to this morning's Louisville-Indiana news.

More re-watchable than The Shawshank Redemption.

I_medium The Puerto Rico trip has given Quentin Snider a better sense of his place heading into year two as a Cardinal.

I_medium Big thanks to these fine fellas for doing what they do.

I_medium Markelle Fultz will announce his college decision at 7 p.m. tonight on ESPNU. The latest buzz (at least according to his crystal ball page) has been trending towards Washington, but who knows. The Cards and Arizona are his other two finalists.

I_medium Terry Rozier is determined to be a star in the NBA.

He averaged 12.2 points, 3.9 assists, and 3 rebounds, helping Boston win five of its last six games. In a July 16 matchup against the Blazers — with star guard Marcus Smart sidelined with a hand injury — Rozier scored 8 points in the final 52 seconds to lead a comeback win.

"I think I grew a lot out there, just seeing the spacing and learning to play with a different pace at this level," Rozier said. "I'm a fast learner, so to meet people and be in that environment was special, because I learned a lot and got better."

Many of the top summer league players sat out at least one game to rest. Smart, for example, missed two games before being injured. Celtics coaches offered Rozier a chance to sit out, but he made it clear that was not his preference, and so he played on.

But by the time the summer leagues concluded, Rozier said, the tendinitis in his knees, an issue since his time at Louisville, had flared up. So he took the next two weeks off, except for some brief workouts on exercise bikes. Although he feels fine now, the experience served as a teachable moment in a season that will be full of them.

"I probably let my competitiveness take over, and sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes that can be a bad thing," Rozier said. "In the next level, you see just how important it is every second to take care of your body. Of course I didn't want to sit out those two weeks [after summer league]. I wanted to be in the gym working. But it was good for me."

I_medium Parked across from this guy this afternoon. Pretty sure it's Kyle Bolin's car.

I_medium Pat Forde has a good read on Paul Johnson and why what he does still works at Georgia Tech.

I_medium Here's the full story on what led to Zeke Pike being dismissed at Murray State.

I_medium of.

I_medium Ohio State and Eastern Kentucky both jumped on the "we're going to sell beer at home football games" bandwagon today. Don't expect that trend to die down anytime soon, as programs across the country are looking to reverse the trend of dropping home attendance.

I_medium Love you, JR.

I_medium Under the veil of anonymity, college basketball coaches voted Michigan's John Beilein as the best offensive coach in the game.

I_medium I will side with the Auburn folks on this issue.

I_medium Scout shines its spotlight on future Louisville wide receiver Chris Taylor-Yamanoha.

I_medium has Brendan McKay as the No. 2 overall prospect in the 2017 MLB Draft class.

I_medium The CCBM's summer love affair with Wisconsin rolls on.

I_medium A Sea of Blue has Louisville at No. 4 on their list of best non-conference hoops games for the upcoming season.

I_medium If you're interested in having a helmet schedule for the upcoming ACC football season, here's your link to bookmark.

I_medium Brandon Radcliff will do well in life regardless of what he chooses to do.

I_medium Eric Crawford has your full transcript from Bobby Petrino's session with the media before today's Kickoff Luncheon.

I_medium The latest practice report out of Auburn features more concern about the secondary. Again, we're paying a lot of attention to Louisville's quarterback situation because it's of paramount importance when it comes to the Cards' chances to start the season 1-0/

I_medium And finally, Ramsey & Rutherford is on from 3-6 today discussing all the big news from a surprisingly loaded Friday.