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1 Great Event Benefitting 3 Great Cardinal Causes This Weekend

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I have some direct or indirect ties to all three of the causes being benefitted here, and can assure you that they are all worth endeavors supported by terrific people.

Take it away, Charlie George ....

For the fifth year, many of my friends and I are putting on a charity golf tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. Our friends started calling it the "Charlie George Invitational" or CGI, as I have helped lead the tournament each year.

For the past four years, participants of the tournament have donated towards a charity. We are continuing that tradition this year by honoring and supporting the following three charities. Additionally, we are partnering with the Community Foundation of Louisville, the largest organized charitable foundation in Kentucky ( ), and have created a checking fund called the CGI Charitable Giving Fund.

(1) Ryann Tewell Scholarship Fund through Sacred Heart Academy

(2) Steven Vanover Memorial Research and Scholarship Fund through the University of Louisville JB Speed School of Engineering

(3) Pete Nochta's GoFundMe Account (Former University of Louisville Football player who could use our support in his fight with Lymphoma)

***More information about Ryann, Steven and Pete are included at the bottom of this post.

Charitable giving opportunities :

Ryann Tewell and Steven Vanover: On Friday, August 21st, the night before the CGI tournament, the 104 players participating in the CGI will be hosting a fundraiser at Molly Malone's in St. Matthews from 7:00-10:00 PM to honor the lives of both Ryann Tewell and Steven Vanover. A donation box will be set up for each of them. Both Mr. Tewell and Mr. Vanover gave us their blessing and permission to put on this event and will be present along with members of their families. Donations in honor of Ryann will go to Sacred Heart Academy, and donations for Steven will go to the Steven Vanover Memorial Research and Scholarship Fund through the University of Louisville JB School of Engineering.

We really hope that you will be able to join us and spread the word for this event. Feel free to forward this invitation to your contacts including other close friends of Ryann's and Steven's, your parents, significant others, etc. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

If for some reason you cannot make this event but would still like to participate and make a donation to honor Ryann, Steven, or both, please see the following instructions from the Community Foundation of Louisville:

To make a tax deductible contribution to the CGI Charitable Giving Fund, a component fund of the Community Foundation of Louisville:


(1) Visit

(2) Click on "Donate" in the top right hand corner of the Community Foundation of Louisville homepage

(3) Once you arrive at the donation page, please scroll down and select the "CGI Charitable Giving Fund" (10th charitable checking fund from the top)

(4) ***Please specify in the "message section" if you are making a donation for either Ryann, Steven or for both.


Please make your check payable to the Community Foundation of Louisville. Please include one of the below options in your memo line:

.Option 1: CGI Fund - Ryann

.Option 2: CGI Fund - Steven

.Option 3: CGI Fund - Both

Please mail all checks to:

Community Foundation of Louisville
Waterfront Plaza
325 W. Main St., Suite 1110
Louisville, KY 40202

Short Summary of Friday, August 21st:
Where: St. Matthews Molly Malone's
Address: 3900 Shelbyville Rd, St Matthews, KY 40207
When: Friday, August 21st from 7:00-10:00 PM
Event: Charitable fundraiser in honor of Ryan Tewell and Steven Vanover
Event Type: Open, everyone welcome

2015 CGI Tournament - Saturday, August 22nd:
Pete Nochta: As many of you know, our friend Pete Nochta was diagnosed with Lymphoma. This year the CGI will also include Pete and his family in our charitable fundraising. Saturday, August 22nd, the day of the CGI, will focus on raising donations for Pete and his family to help with the cost of some of his medical expenses. All donations to support Pete will go directly to the GoFundMe Account that has already been set up on his behalf. If Pete feels up for it, he is going to try to participate in this year's CGI Tournament. Pete is also going to try to hit the "opening tee shot" to start this year's tournament.

Hole Sponsorships: To help fundraise for Pete the day of the tournament, we will be providing hole sponsorship options. The cost will be $100 to sponsor a hole, but a higher contribution is welcome and appreciated. For anyone who sponsors a hole, we will place a sign at the tee box to recognize your support for Pete. Signs can read well wishes towards Pete or can be advertisements for businesses. If you, your family, friends or your businesses are interested in sponsoring a hole, please follow these instructions:

DONATE ONLINE(1) Visit the following website: Select "Donate Now" on the right side of Pete's GoFundMe Homepage(3) ***Please be sure to "Leave a Comment" when making your donation (this is at the bottom part of the "Donate Now" page). When leaving your comment please put the following information:    

Topic: CGI    

-Hole Sponsorship Message: (Here is where you will enter what you would like to have on your hole sponsorship sign. This can be the name of your business and/or a brief message of well wishes towards Pete)

Please note: Unfortunately, GoFundMe is not an eligible organization to be supported through the Community Foundation of Louisville. For this reason, there will not be a tax deductible contribution option. 

For any questions about any of the three charities, the CGI or the fundraiser the night before the tournament please feel free to contact me, Charlie George.

Cell Phone:  502-693-0242


Special thanks are in order to the following individuals: Nate Nord, William Stein, Sam Robey, Sam Hitner, Timmy George, Salem George, Katie George, Tanner Hyland, Hank Wall, Miller DeWeese, Alex Dutton, Nathan Dutton, David Mabry, Rudy Ellis, Graham Switzer, Josh Gahm, Cory Cundiff and Brennan Lockhart. All of these individuals have played a huge role in helping to set up, support and coordinate this year's tournament.

Special thanks are also in order for: Shannon Kisselbaugh (Director of Stewardship at Community Foundation of Louisville), Hanna Wolf (Development and Stewardship Associate at Community Foundation of Louisville), Caroline Meena JD (Wealth Advisor - Stockyards Bank & Trust), Norman Linton (Tees N Textiles), Susan West (Sales and Marketing Director at Chick-fil-A) and Brendan McCartan (Manager of Molly Malone's in St. Matthews). 

Thank you to Shannon Kisselbaugh and Hannah Wolf of the Community Foundation of Louisville for partnering and supporting the CGI Charitable Giving Fund.Thank you to Caroline Meena JD for helping our team get in contact with the Community Foundation of Louisville. Thank you to Norman Linton and his company Tees N Textiles for donating 125 free t-shirts to support Pete Nochta the day of the golf tournament.  Thank you to Susan West and Chick-fil-A for providing a 15% discount towards our CGI tournament breakfast and for providing a hole sponsorship the day of the tournament.Thank you to Brendan McCartan and Molly Malone's in St. Matthews for hosting our charitable fundraiser the night before the tournament and for providing a donation towards our charities.

Thank you in advance for any role that you can play in honoring Ryann and Steven. Also, thank you in advance for any help that you can give Pete and his family. I hope that we will see you at Molly Malone's in St. Matthews on Friday, August 21st!