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Monday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Pepsi employees Lance Edwards, Nora Cecil and Candace Kelly are making sure Kroger is in appropriate shape for the start of football season.

I_medium It appears that U of L set up so that if you paid for the subscription to watch the Puerto Rico games that subscription was automatically canceled today. Check your emails to confirm .... I shouldn't have to tell you that.

I_medium I don't even care how ridiculous the helmet looks, this picture makes me laugh and I love it.

The Auburn Tigers vs. 2008 Card Chronicle in just 19 days.

I_medium Five-star shooting guard and U of L recruit Terrance Ferguson committed to Alabama Monday afternoon. He got a taste of life as a Tide hooper when his news was completely overshadowed by news of a minor foot injury for QB Jake Coker, which came out at the same time.

I_medium CBS picks the best college football team in each state, and for the Commonwealth, it's a no-brainer.

Kentucky: Louisville -- Kentucky is getting better and Western Kentucky is a pretty good Group of Five team, but football in Kentucky belongs to Louisville. Mark Stoops has the Wildcats trending in the right direction, and some in Big Blue Nation are hopeful that they will get out of the SEC East cellar soon -- well, they're not all the way at the bottom because Vandy, but you get the point.

For now, this crown still belongs to Bobby Petrino's Cardinals. They're a preseason top 25 team and could flirt with a 10-win season after a nine-win campaign in 2014. Now, if we're talking basketball, this is a much more difficult argument.

I_medium This is beautiful.

I_medium U of L's 2015 cross country schedule is now available for your digestion.

I_medium Apparently the news that Patrick Towles has been named starting quarterback for another season didn't exactly instill fear into the rest of the country.

I_medium The Cards conducted a 175-play scrimmage on Saturday, and has the only scoop available.

I_medium Yahoo remembers "the hit" from the 2013 Sugar Bowl and talk about how it gave some insight into why Teddy Bridgewater will shine as a professional quarterback.

"It was the hardest hit I ever delivered," Bostic told Shutdown Corner recently. "We thought we had him out early. I thought, there's no way this guy is coming back."

Louisville offensive guard Jamon Brown, now a rookie with the St. Louis Rams, didn't see the hit. He heard it, though, even over the raucous Superdome din.

"We didn't see it. We heard it," Brown said. "I turn around, Teddy's helmet is off, it's rolling around, and we're like, ‘What's going on?'"

Floyd had the best view of the hit — other than Bostic or Bridgewater, that is.

"I just saw him come in and crack him," Floyd said. "I felt that hit. ...

"But everything started going downhill from there. That seemed to light a fire in Teddy."

Asked about the hit, Bridgewater only could offer a shrug.

"I just saw it as another play in football," he said after the Vikings' final training camp practice last week. "Sometimes you get knocked down in football. I have that mindset that, as long as I can feel my legs, I get up every time.

"It's just one of those deals ... it was a hard hit, but I am pretty sure I've been hit much harder."

I_medium The story of how L.J. Figueroa Lawrence went from benchwarmer to a potential All-American with a scholarship offer from Louisville is an interesting one.

I_medium A handful of the ESPN college football folks seem to be very sold on Louisville.

The betting over-under in total wins for Louisville's football team this season was set at 7.5 in many circles.

That's too low, according to Chris "The Bear" Fallica, an ESPN senior researcher and well-known handicapper.

"I'm over with a bullet for Louisville," Fallica said during a recent ESPN appearance. "I think they have the potential to have a dominating front seven with (Devonte) Fields and (Keith) Kelsey and (Sheldon) Rankins and those guys. A couple of transfers coming in will shore up that secondary. You know (Bobby) Petrino's offense is going to be good. I think Louisville is over 7.5 easy, a 9-10 win team in my opinion.

"I think (it is) the most underrated team in the country."

Fallica's comments were made on ESPN's "Championship Drive" show, which responded to over-under projections for various teams. In the case of the Cardinals, fellow analysts Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway (as well as host Rece Davis) agreed with Fallica's assessment.

"I think this is easy money right here," Kanell said of Louisville. "They had the rotating door at quarterback last year due to some injuries. They'll settle that. Defensively, I think they're going to be strong. I love this team. And it's a tough place to play, going to Louisville. You never really picture it that way, but these Thursday night games, they're big and hostile."

Galloway said of Fallica, "Reading his notes, he convinced me (Louisville) might get in the playoff."

I_medium The U of L men's soccer team opened up its preseason with a 1-0 win over Lipscomb.

I_medium Nobody outside of the Big 10 likes Jim Delany's idea of freshman ineligibility.

I_medium Had to do it.

I_medium Jeff Greer hands out his player grades for the Cards' Puerto Rico trip.

I_medium James Allen, the 3/4-star recruit who was the lone member of Louisville's 2015 recruiting class to not qualify, has enrolled at Marshall.

I_medium And finally, Ramsey is back and so Ramsey & Rutherford will be at full strength from 3-6 this afternoon on 93.9 The Ville.