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The Cardinal Countdown: 19 Days Until Kickoff

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

#19 Ja’Quay Savage

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-3/214

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Tyrone, GA

Twitter: @JaQuaySavage

Thoughts: Ja’Quay Savage may be the most talented wide receiver on the roster. All due respect to Quick, who has athleticism seeping from his fingers, but Savage is built like a professional wide receiver who not only has speed, leaping ability, and great hands but is drastically improving his ability to run great routes. Out of prep school Ja’Quay was the #2 prospect in the nation and before ultimately suiting up for Texas A&M Ja’Quay was actually committed to Auburn out of high school (I think we actually play them this season at some point, don’t quote me on that though, need to double check)

Ja’Quay joined the team last year after a single season at A&M, leaving after citing similar issues that a lot of college kids face, wasn't the right fit, distance from home, etc. Ja’Quay joined his fellow high school teammate Shaq Wiggins on a recruiting trip to Louisville last year and the rest, as they say, is history. (Little known fact, former UofL wideout Jarrett Davis attended the same High School as Shaq and Ja’Quay, Sandy Creek) Petrino has praised Ja’Quay since the day he stepped on campus, complimenting his size and style of play. Those compliments have been somewhat validated since his 6-3/214 frame has caused problems at times for even our own very talented secondary the few opportunities we've seen of him this year. In the spring game he had 3 catches for 80yds, but also had two pass interference calls on him, which equates to another 30 yards of offensive production. I'll take that every week.

Savage, similar to Chucky Williams, was missing from Fall camp for awhile (injury) but it appears he was back in the mix as of Saturday morning which let everyone breathe a slight sigh of relief. While we’ve really only penciled in the depth chart at this point most assume Ja’Quay is your starting strong side WR and frankly it’s difficult to argue against. I think Ja’Quay, along with Staples, Bagley and Alphonso Carter will be the go-to receivers on the outside with Quick and Samuel as #1 and #2 in the slot. (We also have some talented freshman who may steal some reps in Spence, Smith and Peete) I really hope the “he can replace Parker” rhetoric slows down to a screeching halt as that is an unfair and unrealistic expectation at this stage of the game. The transfer year helps with the new system but a 30-35rec season with 400yds and 4 or 5 touchdowns (redzone threat) would make me feel great about the future for Ja'Quay. Looking forward to seeing how he develops as a Cardinal.

FYI: In case you missed it, Ja’Quay literally changed his last name from Williams to Savage since arriving at Louisville. Maybe it’s a family name, but I prefer to think that he is just a badass who wanted to have the last name ‘Savage’. Sounds much cooler.

Sweet Tweet:

Vegas set the over/under at 3 weeks before Papa John changes his last name from Schnatter to Savage.

“Better name, Better Pizza.” –Papa Johns