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The Cardinal Countdown: 21 Days Until Kickoff

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#21 Devontre Parnell

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 5-11/184

Position: Cornerback

Hometown: Winnsboro, SC

Twitter: @trey_trigger

Thoughts: Parnell got a few opportunities last year at corner and on special teams, getting some PT against Murray State, NC State and Boston College…State? Sorry, thought we had a theme going there. Parnell played fine when he was given a chance but it was going to be a tough task trying to unseat Charles Gaines or Terrell Floyd on the outside. Parnell was a nice recruit coming out of High School with tons of potential, but as it sometimes goes, injuries hampered Parnell late in high school and early in his Cardinal career. Some things are out of our control, and some things are 100% the fault of HotHot. Such is life.

Parnell has played okay during the fall and has actually gotten some run during practice as a kick/punt returner. As an upperclassman one may expect Parnell to compete heavily for a spot at corner but his limited playing time (sat out all of 2012 and 2013) along with a new defense has almost forced him to hit the reset button on his career, allowing some of the younger players to sneak into that spot (Jaire Alexander, Sturghill, Tru Washington, etc). Please don’t misunderstand me, Devontre is a great player and he can/will contribute to one of the better defense in the country this year and hopefully next, it’s just discouraging to think what could have been if he remained at full speed during his time here at Louisville. I hope Devontre gets some more opportunities this year, whether they be on special teams or in the secondary, and has a chance to show off some of the reasons he was brought into the program. 

Sweet Tweet:

So, I just assume that most couples are like me and the Mrs. but maybe I’m way off. I’m the “math guy” in the family. I pay the bills, I handle the budget, I manage our finances, etc. It makes sense, I’m an engineer so it kind of fell in my lap without much discussion. The downside is obviously that a lot of responsibility falls into my hands. Can we pay the bills this month? Am I preparing us for retirement? Do we have enough life insurance? Is my child going to have enough in her college fund? Can we afford to buy two dozen Kripsy Kremes? All these rank high on the stress meter. The benefit to this responsibility of course is that I could legitimately purchase anything I want without her knowledge, at least for a few months. You guys want a couple Card Chronicle Suites at Papa John’s? Done. You want a couple double decker tailgate buses? Fire up the grill. How about a full expenses paid trip for every road game this year? Let’s roll.

(Side Note: When my wife eventually finds out about this and divorces me, can I stay with one of you all?)