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The Cardinal Countdown: 61 Days Until Kickoff

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

#61 Tobijah Hughley

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-3/289

Position: Offensive Line

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Twitter: @tobijah68

Thoughts: We welcome back Tobijah as the only consistent starter from the offensive line last season. Amongst the criticism there were without a doubt some bright spots from the line and overall I thought Hughley played well in his new position. This time last year Hughley was still a walk-on working his butt off to earn a spot on the team. A few weeks later Hughley got some good news…

(Video courtesy of TheCrunchZone)

Pretty awesome to see a player put in the work and earn that scholarship. While some may argue the left tackle is the most important position (w/ right hand QB) I’d put the center position right there next to it. Glad to have Hughley back this year and I think he can make a nice jump in production having two years in the Petrino system. I’d like to see him add another 10-15lb but otherwise he’s shaping up to be a potential 2nd or 3rd team All-ACC candidate next year.

Speaking of weight, I mentioned this last season but it bears repeating. The 2013 National Champions (FSU) had an offensive line that averaged 6-5/317lb. (FYI: OSU last year was 6-4/303lb, avg) We actually stacked up ok last year with our starters, but our second team was a big drop off. Right now, including our recent recruiting class and transfers, we have 6 linemen over 6-5 /300lb and our “projected” starting 5 from spring ball (Epps/Lacy/Hughley/Sibiea/Johnson) would average out to about 6-5/296lb. We’re getting bigger, and that will help. The one caveat in this simplistic evaluation is that Petrino and Klenakis aren’t always looking for the biggest guy. I touched on this before but that 6-5/296 average shown above is a “nibble” and “athletic” line in comparison with that of FSU a couple years back who pushed you around with pure strength. The large frame is important, but style of play can dictate just how important it may be. For UofL getting bigger is key, but not so big you can't get downfield when needed.

Sweet Tweet:

I….umm….I’m not…..umm…Anthony Davis, huh? I mean, I’ve never seen you play before Tobijah but…not sure….wait a second…[does a quick Google search]. Ok, I think we can be on the same page now.

Don't sleep on that Platinum Realty rec league squad though. AD has been known to big body some fools in the paint.