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The Cardinal Countdown: 37 Days Until Kickoff

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

#37 Khane Pass

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-1/200

Position: Safety

Hometown: Columbus, GA

Twitter: @pass_khane

Thoughts: Khane is a nice addition to the Cardinal defense from Columbus, GA and once again, was recruited by none other than Mr. L.D. Scott. Khane may have to wait in line but if history is any indication his patience will pay off significantly. I know I expressed some caution in a previous post about our secondary replacing last season’s unit and the casual approach of many citing “minimal dropoff”, but I think we can all at least agree that we will have another talented unit on the field in 2015. Khane projects as a safety out of high school and I’m fairly sure that’s where he’ll wind up when the dust settles. He has speed, he can tackle, has solid hands and he can lay some big hits. I’ll stop short of a Calvin Pryor comparison at this point but he could track that way down the road. This season one would assume that Josh Harvey-Clemons, Chucky Williams and a healthy Jermaine Reve have the safety positions locked down but fall camp will tell the story, and maybe a very athletic Khane can steal some time from one of the three as the year moves along. Reve is gone after this season no matter what and a standout year from JHC may mean two departures in 2015, then we’re right back in the same boat as today…replacing two talented safeties with new blood. I have no doubt Chucky Williams, Terrence Ross, Khane and his fellow classmate Dee Smith will all be waiting for that opportunity.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that Khane is the brother of the very talented Jawon Pass who just committed to play quarterback for the Cardinals a couple weeks ago. All reports indicate a significant bond between the two brothers and I’m sure Khane’s presence on campus didn’t hurt in the recruitment of Jawon. Jawon may have received more fanfare but I look forward to seeing both of them succeed as Cardinals.

Sweet Tweet:

A quick shout out to whoever came up with the idea of providing all recruits with a big cookie for their visit. I swear, if you hop on twitter about 9 out of 10 kids visiting will tweet out a pic of that cookie. I mean, what 17 or 18 year old doesn’t love some Gatorade and a huge cookie to snack on during their visit? If possible I’d like to have an exit interview with all players from the last four or five years and ask what role said ‘big cookie’ played in their final decision. It’s got to be like 80-85% saying the big cookie closed the deal, right?!

Wait, a second…..I’m about to change the game even more…


Look out for that #1 recruiting class in 2017!