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The Cardinal Countdown: 42 Days Until Kickoff

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#42 Tyler Polston

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-2/240

Position: Tight end

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Saint Xavier High School)

Twitter: @Tyler_Polston

Thoughts: Tyler is another local tight end who has made his way back to Louisville after spending a couple seasons at the University of Indianapolis (3 yrs of eligibility left). Similar to Paul Logsdon back on ‘Day 44’ Tyler will likely get the majority of his reps on the scout team in 2015. I know we’ve beat the multiple QB jokes to death, but the Cards are actually carrying 5 tight ends on the roster right now which is probably one or two more than we need and most likely why Standberry moved to wideout (he would have been 6). Tyler and Paul may be limited this year but expect to hear the names of the other three all season long.

Sweet Tweet: Tyler has me locked out with protected tweets. Obviously he has some type of a 'countdown bias' that I plan to address in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... 

#42 Isaac Stewart

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-2/236

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Twitter: @theIsaacStewart

Thoughts: I’d expect to see a decent amount of Isaac Stewart on the field this season after he took a redshirt last year. Stewart came in as a highly touted recruit who most believe will add to the long line of talented linebackers who’ve come through this program the last four or five years. Stewart was a Top 25 prospect out of North Carolina and picked the Cards over a few ACC foes as well as a couple SEC schools.

Last fall and during the offseason this year Stewart has impressed the coaching staff with his work ethic and his aggressiveness. Pertino went so far as to call out Stewart and Stacy Thomas at the ACC media days saying they are going to help a very talented defense become even better. Most project Stewart to wind up in the middle (probably weakside) which is where he played in high school. Typically the weakside backer needs to have versatility and some speed to both rush and play coverage and Isaac has shown both during practice reps over the past year. I think it’s a safe assumption to say that Keith Kelsey and Burgess are not going to be unseated in fall camp, but Stewart will absolutely get some time this year and I look forward to seeing how much he can contribute. Just as I referenced a few days ago along the line with Shortridge/Richardson/Bailey we have some talented linebackers drooling at a chance to hit someone. Hearns/Thomas/Stewart are the next wave, but Caban/Bonner aren’t too far behind.

I think I have some type of linebacker obsession, because this group just gets me so fired up for kickoff.

Six weeks. We can do it.

Sweet Tweet:

I used to be a perpetual night owl who almost never felt “good to be up”. Now that I have a kid my routine has changed and I’m not a guy who gripes and moans about getting up everyday (never sleep past 6:00am) but I’d like to burn the midnight oil on occasion. What is there to do at this time of night you ask…? If you’ve read the countdown in years past you already know the answer.




(Seriously though, if you missed these from years past check them out)



Me: Look at this babe, HD Vision glasses

Mrs. CardinalStrong: You DO NOT need that garbage. Look at those things, you’ll look ridiculous.

Me: You know how you always ask me to grab something from the drawer or look for something in the fridge, but I can never find it..?

Mrs. CardinalStrong: Yeah, it’s because sometimes you actually have to physically move something in order to see what I need you to get.

Me: I bet I wouldn’t have to move anything around if I had HD vision!

Mrs. CardinalStrong: You’re going to be moving your crap right out of this house if you buy any more of that junk.

Me: ……..

Mrs. CardinalStrong: Did you hear me?

Me: Yeah, yeah. I’m just weighing my options. I’m sure HD Vision glasses would make it pretty easy for me to look for a new house.



Me: Wow, look at these plastic strips. You slide them under the couch cushions and it helps boosts up the seat.

Mrs. CardinalStrong: Our couch is like a year old, it’s not sagging or anything, we don’t need those.

Me: What’s wrong with a little extra “boost” under your butt? Maybe it’ll help our posture?

Mrs. CardinalStrong: You hardly ever sit on the couch, you’re always stretched out and laying down so the whole posture argument ain’t gonna fly with me. Nothing in this house is sagging or drooping, so don't buy them.

Me: I don't know about "nothing"…I mean, after almost 9 years of marriage…a kid…

Mrs. CardinalStrong: I think your best course would be to TREAD LIGHTLY my friend. TREAD LIGHTLY.