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Louisville among a handful of college programs to be featured in NBA 2K16

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There hasn't been an NCAA Basketball video game on the market since 2009, but that trend might be about to change ... sort of.

Earlier this week, a handful of the features for the popular NBA 2K16 game leaked, among them a "My Career" story mode which will give gamers the opportunity to start their careers in college. 2K Sports has reportedly acquired the licenses for 11 schools to use in the video game, including the University of Louisville.

A sleuth over on the Operation Sports forums discovered that 2K Sports currently has the license for 11 schools for use in video games through the Collegiate Licensing Company. Those are Arizona, Arizona State, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Texas, UCLA, UConn, Villanova, and Wisconsin. There may be at least one more to the group however.

You'll notice on the various covers for NBA 2K16 that the players are featured in different images, one of which includes them in their college gear. James Harden and Arizona State is one, matching up with their licensed status. Stephen Curry (Davidson) and Anthony Davis (Kentucky) are the two others.

It's possible those two schools will be included as well, though Kentucky is questionable as Davis isn't in uniform, and the Kentucky logo may have been wiped from the shirt he's wearing along with the NCAA National Champions text. Here's the original image to compare. There's just no way to confirm them for sure at this point in time, as both Davidson and Kentucky do their own licensing, as opposed to the many others that are handled by the CLC.

It's no Bill Walsh College Football, but it'll do.