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The Cardinal Countdown: 48 Days Until Kickoff

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who caught my post yesterday apparently there was some confusion on my part about that SI offer I received. When I returned their phone call a representative informed me this was a “universal” offer that is sent to “everyone”, not just me specifically. When I finally got ahold of one of the editors I got the old “how did you get this number” routine, so they evidently are playing hardball. A small misunderstanding really, but now I guess I know why that magazine is in decline…they offer writer gigs to the general public.

Moving on….

#48 Tim Bonner

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-4/215

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Demopolis, AL


Thoughts: Bonner, another nice recruit from the state of Alabama, will likely be a “outside defender” for the cards. In the typical 3-4 Grantham defense Bonner would be an outside linebacker who could easily shift into a defensive end if transitioned into a 4-3 for a couple plays or simply line up in a three point stance if the situation is correct. Bonner has good size and could be a nice piece of the linebacking unit in the next couple years. Bonner was All-State last season at Demopolis High as well as being voted a West Alabama All-Star. The impressive stat line for me was that of the 84 tackles he had last season, 31 were credited for a loss. 37% of the time he brought someone down, it was behind the line of scrimmage. Crazy.

Bonner was impressed with the versatility the Cardinals were offering and ended up choosing Louisville over Mississippi State and Kentucky who were only looking at him to play DE. Bonner admitted while growing up he wanted to play in the SEC, but after visiting Louisville he knew they were a better fit than the Bulldogs. In an article Bonner was quoted as saying “They have a better program and championship (caliber) team. I’d rather play in the ACC with Louisville..and it felt like home when I went there”

I know I already gave LD Scott a metaphorical fist bump a few days ago when discussing Amonte Caban, but the guy is killing it on the recruiting trail in terms of making players feel comfortable, selling the University and getting the kids to buy into a National Championship attitude. He also helped pull some kid named Jawon Pass a couple days ago…that was good as well.

I’ve heard all about the “Grantham decline” in Year 2 or 3 from UGA fans and I heard the “lets see how he does without Charlie’s players” chatter as well. I’m sorry folks I just don’t see us taking a backseat to many on the defensive side of the ball anytime soon. The Cards are bringing in talented players and the coaching appears to be there at all positions to develop them. This post will be here for years to come so feel free to come back and rub it in my face if I’m wrong but I think we’re more likely to field a Top 5 defense the next five years than we are a Top 5 offense. Bobby will get it going, but we are stockpiling talent on the other side of the ball, and I love it.

Sweet Tweet: No twitter for Bonner that I could find so in celebration of the Britsh Open (I still call it that) I’ll just inundate you with Hot Takes on the current state of golf, which are up for discussion…

▪Tiger will never be as good as Jack

▪Spieth is better than Rory

▪Links golf is not superior

▪PGA Tour 96 on Playstation, I was unbeatable with Fuzzy Zoeller


…enjoy your Sunday.