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The Cardinal Countdown: 91 Days Until Kickoff

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

#91 Trevon Young

Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-4/229

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Council Bluffs, IA

Twitter: @TreYoung35

Thoughts: If there is one thing we can all agree on it’s that Trevon Young can pin his ears back and rush the quarterback. That quality alone piqued the interest of Charlie and Vance back in 2013 and knowing they needed some depth on the end, they grabbed him out of JUCO to help fill the void. I touched on it last year but Young was actually in his car driving to Louisville as an early enrollee when news broke about Strong to Texas. What ended up happening for Young is that he slid into a 3-4 system where he could play the outside linebacker instead of the end and ultimately may have more freedom to pass rush than he would in a typical Bedford system. For example, last season Texas had 33 QB hurries with most coming from the tackle position in their 4-3 scheme. Louisville on the other hand had 40 QB hurries with 11 alone coming from Mauldin, who made the same transition Young has made, moving from end to outside backer. In all fairness, Mauldin’s sack total did decrease last year but he had a few injuries which limited him during the season and was one year into a new system. When Mauldin was knicked up last year Young got the opportunity to perform and played fairly well in my opinion. While one may consider replacing one of the most beloved players in recent history a tall task I think the combination of Young and Fields will at a minimum replace the on field production. Off the field is a whole other story.

P.S. I still love Lozo.

Sweet Tweet:

So me and Mrs. CardinalStrong went on a trip a few years back, gone for almost four weeks and hitting quite a few states along the way. While traveling through Iowa (had to see the ‘Field of Dreams’) she actually pronounced this city "Dez Moines". A simple mistake really but she is ridiculously smart, like doctor smart, and this is one of the few really dumb things I’ve ever heard her say. While most may overlook this slipup I feel it’s my duty, neigh, RESONSIBILITY as a great husband to continually remind her of this error on every occasion possible. Yeah, I’m kind of a dick.

Don’t forget, UofL and Cal State Fullerton in the Super Regional today at 11:00am. That’s 10:00am central, 8:00am pacific and [checks time zones] looks like 7:34pm…on Monday, over in Russia. Dobroe utro!

Let’s grab Game 1, Cardinal Nine!