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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

This is how the Sutton brothers prepare themselves for a Lexington wedding.

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I_medium Rick Pitino had his debut press conference with the Puerto Rican National Team this afternoon, and you can listen to a segment of that right here.

He also taught the PR fans a new slogan.

Mike Balado was more interested in the buffet to the right of the stage.

I_medium Some super regional facts for all eight of the series.

I_medium Kyle Funkhouser doesn't want to talk about the MLB Draft, he just wants to talk about his last (hopefully) few weeks as a Louisville Cardinal.

"I feel really good about him," McDonnell says. "He pitched like he pitched last year in the regional. We feel really good where he's at. Coach Williams did a great job with him last week and I'm sure the two of them will work together to go out there and give us a quality start Saturday."

While acknowledging that being a high draft pick will be "pretty nice," Funkhouser says he has worked to eliminate the clutter in his mind, he feels rested and renewed and ready to show the Cal State Fullerton hitters the old Funkhouser.

"I just need to go out there Saturday, pitch well and get the team off to a good start and then worry about the draft later," he says. "Because as a starter, I've got Saturday and that's it. Sunday and then Monday, if needed, I'm not playing."

I_medium Southern Pigskin says the addition of transfers Shaq Wiggins and Josh Harvey-Clemons should allow Louisville to remain one of the top defenses in the ACC

I_medium The Oregonian asks if the Portland Trailblazers should draft Montrezl Harrell.

I_medium You can see where Mark Stoops is coming from.

I_medium So we're dog-sitting this week, and aside from having bad gas and refusing to sit anywhere other than my lap when I'm trying to work, the pup is an absolute sweetheart. Or so I thought.

I go to take a shower today, and when I get out, this is what she had done to the bobblehead (sort of a gag gift because it turned out so creepy) my aunt gave us as a wedding present.

My face: mutilated (there's also some pretty serious damage to the back of the head). Mrs. CC's face: untouched.

Pretty clear message, Zoe. Do your worst this weekend, girl.

I_medium Single session super regional tickets are now on sale.

I_medium Global Gorgs.

I_medium Shaqquan Aaron is officially a USC Trojan.

I_medium One of the cool things about this new radio show is that I can finally field local advertising requests, something I haven't been able to do with Card Chronicle. So if you're at all interested in advertising your business on our show or just 93.9 in general, shoot me an email at

I_medium Indiana's head football coach is not playing this year.

I_medium The UNC NOA has finally arrived.

I_medium The South Bend Tribune wonders if anyone is going to be able to get the best of the SEC from here on out.

I_medium Will Gardner is confident that he'll be good to go this season, and his head coach is coming around on that stance as well.

"He's had a very good outlook here in the last month, really made tremendous improvement," Petrino said. "He's ahead of schedule. Will's very confident. He feels he'll be in the competition when practice starts in August and be 100 percent and ready to go."

Petrino said because it's the third surgery on his left knee since he was in high school that the U of L coaching and medical staffs will take it a little slower with Gardner.

"We're pulling the reins back making sure he only does only what the previous schedule had him doing," Petrino said. "But he says he actually fares better than ever. Again, though, it's the third straight surgery on the same knee and what happens when he starts torquing the knee as far as running and changing direction. How he responds when he starts (moving) and delivering the football is the concern.

"But Will's very confident."

I_medium Even though Louisville-Fullerton doesn't kick off until Saturday, the first set of super regionals will get underway tomorrow.

I_medium We had Cal State Fullerton coach Rick Vanderhook on the show yesterday and he talked about how the temperature was "freezing" for the first meeting between the two teams back in February. Well, CC user Kayaking Cardinal was there and he begs to differ.

You're gonna come on our show, and lie straight to our faces about temperature? I don't think it could be more on.

I_medium Chris Jones worked out for the Grizzlies on Wednesday and was reportedly very impressive.

I_medium And finally, John and I are back on the air from 3-6 today talking mire about the super regionals, the huge weekend of major sports, and the best athletic streaks in U of L history. You can listen live here, and we'll have the podcast up on the site later tonight.