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Indiana AD wants basketball series with Louisville

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Count Indiana athletic director Fred Glass among the many who believe that a Louisville-Indiana men's basketball series is coming. But, just as Rick Pitino said last month, it's probably not going to start in 2015-16.

From The Indianapolis Star:

Though it won't be on Indiana's basketball schedule next season, Director of Athletics Fred Glass said he's committed to adding a series with Louisville.

Cardinals coach Rick Pitino broached the subject last season, outlining a three-year agreement that would include one game each in Indianapolis, Bloomington and Louisville. Glass said Wednesday he hopes for a formal arrangement soon.

"Both sides want to do a deal, and we've had very serious conversations," Glass said. "The devil's in the details. There are conference challenges, schedule challenges.

"But coach Pitino and everybody at Louisville, and coach Crean and everybody at Indiana, want a deal done, and I expect that to happen in fairly short order."

Do you really though, Tom?

That's sort of what we've been thinking.