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Mark Stoops says Kentucky needs to bring itself to Louisville's level

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The annual Governor's Cup Luncheon took place Wednesday in Frankfort, and for the most part, the event was as humdrum as you'd expect one which revolves around a game six months down the road to be.

The biggest news of the day was that Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops was in attendance after controversially opting out of the event last summer. Both Stoops and Bobby Petrino spoke publicly to the fans and media members in attendance, but it was the Wildcat coach who may have served up the most memorable quote of the day.

In an interview with Bob Valvano of ESPN 680's "The V Show," Stoops talked about how he likes playing the Governor's Cup game on the last weekend of the regular season, but added that his program needs to raise itself up in order for the game to attract some national attention during that Saturday loaded with showcase games.

"I accept that responsibility of building our program to national prominence like we need," Stoops said. "Give Louisville credit, they've been a very strong these last several years, certainly since I've been here. We need to bring our team to that level, and we'll get more national recognition for this game."

Louisville has carried a national ranking into its game against Kentucky six times since 2005, including in each of the last three seasons. The Wildcats, conversely, have never been ranked in the top 25 for a game against the Cards.

The 28th meeting between U of L and UK will take place on Nov. 28 at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington.