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2014-15 Card Chronicle Least Cool Person Tournament Opening Round: John Calipari vs. Neal Brown

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Since we had 10 very worthy nominations for this year's field, we're going to do things a little bit differently and have two opening round matchups. The winners of those two showdowns -- which feature the four entities which received the least amount of love out of the 10 during the nomination process -- will play their way into the quarterfinals.

Let's get it going with a Lexington Basketball Academy showdown.



--Four-time LCPT runner-up (2010-2013) who, for the first time since taking the job at Kentucky, did not make the field a year ago.

--Continued to take thinly veiled shots at Louisville (among others).

--Platoon Platoon Platoon Platoon X Infinity.

--"Last year we started the season with a goal. You may think it was to win a national title or win all the games, but it was to get eight players drafted."




--Made this statement with a straight face: "Hey, our fan base is one of the best, if not the best in college sports, because there's no NBA team, there's no Major League Baseball team, there's no NFL team. So UK athletics is it. The other team doesn't want to hear that, but it's it. We're the show in town, in the state."

--Lost to Louisville.

--Took the head coaching job at Troy, much to the delight of a heavy chunk of the Kentucky fan base.

Now it's on you, and you have 24 hours to pick a winner (and assume the poll says "2014-15" instead of "2015-16").