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The Cardinal Countdown: 68 Days Until Kickoff

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#68 Danny Burns

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-6/303

Position: Offensive Line

Hometown: Hamilton, OH


Thoughts: Similar to Lukayus a couple days ago, Danny was recruited to become one of the faces of the offensive line in the years to come. These guys were picked because they have the necessary tools to succeed at a high level and the rankings and accolades from high school show they can in fact be big time players if they put in the work. Even as RS Freshman, both have shown enough to potentially warrant their fair share of playing time this year at the tackle positions. Some of that may come from the lack of depth ahead of them, but I think the coaches like what they see in practice and their size (6-6, 300lb) helps as well.

Even with the O-line struggling at times last year I’m glad they didn’t break the redhsirt on Burns or McNeil since I think both can be quality starters the next couple seasons. Mike linked a really good article a few weeks back about building an offensive line and it touches on just how important their play is in determining the success of the offense. I’ve been impressed with the players UofL has brought in the last couple seasons at the position and it appears were moving in the right direction to compete with the big boys down in the trenches.

Sweet Tweet: No twitter for Danny that I could find so this gives me an opportunity to go on a mini-rant about an everyday nuance that drives me absolutely crazy. In 2015 why is that I have to answer significantly more questions to get gas for my car than I do to vote for the President of the United States?

[walks into polling place]

"Got an ID?"


"ok, here ya go"

[walks up to gas pump]

Do you want to pay inside or outside?

Credit or Debit?

Do you have a rewards card?

Do you want a carwash?

Do you want a receipt?

Enter your zipcode…

Select fuel type…

I mean, maybe this is what ultimately drives us away from fossil fuels? I’m trying to get some gas to drive my daughter to freaking Gymboree and I’m suddenly thrust into the world’s worst quiz show which ultimately rewards me for answering 12 consecutive questions by charging me for the very fuel they seem so desperate to deny me. Something is broke about this system, and while we’re at it I don’t need to be bombarded with advertisements while I wait either. NO, I don’t want two hotdogs and a coke for…what, $2.22? Damn, that’s actually not bad; I could probably pull that off.

[sticks head in car window]

"Hey baby girl, how bout daddy gets some gas station hotdogs for lunch..?"