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Louisville and Kentucky football players are beefing on social media

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday afternoons at the pool, fresh cut grass, Louisville and Kentucky football players throwing insults at one another over a game that's not going to be played for months; some summer traditions are just too storied to die.

It starts with a relatively mundane tweet from James Quick.

Next, Stanley "Boom" Williams -- the biggest champion of the "L Down" sign on the planet -- chimes in.

Patrick Towles, who has never made any attempt to hide his disdain for Louisville, couldn't let this pass without weighing in.

Only problem? Towles did not look nearly as cool as he would like you to believe on the play in question, and Gerod Holliman (the man who intercepted Towles to end that game) was not going to let him act like it.

And finally, James Burgess, who's just over here amazed.