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The Cardinal Countdown: 73 Days Until Kickoff

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#73 Pedro Sibiea

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-3/300

Position: Offensive Line

Hometown: Homestead, FL


Thoughts: For those who might not remember, the red and black actually recruited Sibiea as a defensive tackle back in 2013 but started shifting him to the offensive side of the ball due to injuries and depth issues. While it’s not completely unheard of to make that switch it’s a brand new style of play and he was no doubt thinking ‘everything has changed’ from his fearless/aggressive nature back in high school and from his first year on campus. Last season was tough for Sibiea as we had a veteran group along the line and replacing the mainstay John Miller at LG just wasn’t going to happen without an injury or twelve to fifteen offsides penalties (we were close a few games). Sibiea got some PT early in the year against Murray State and Syracuse but if we go back to December of last year, I thought he had positioned himself well to get some reps from a worn down group of lineman in the bowl game as we prepared for 2015, but it never happened. As we get ready to enter the year Pedro has to shake it off and look at the opportunity he has in front of him. With three lineman off to the NFL there is a ton of blank space on that depth chart that has yet to be filled in and he has as solid chance at earning the stating gig at left guard. Sibiea came in with some hype and he now has two years to prove he can be trouble for the defense along the line and potentially play at the next level. (Also, congrats to Dro on being a Panama Scholar this year for the UofL Latin America and Latino Studies Program. Do work Dro.)

Sweet Tweet:

I am 100% confident that Dro was not talking about "break-ups" in his tweet but that’s what popped into my head and this is my post, so…we’re gonna go with it. Of course, you can’t mention breakups without bringing up Taylor Swift who as of this morning has now made [calculating] tens of millions, yes, tens of millions of dollars singing about ex-boyfriends and relationships. I haven’t checked with Mike to get official authorization but I’m willing to go out on my own and give away 1,500 Chron Points to the first reader who can find all 9 Taylor Swift song titles in the Sibiea recap above. Yes, 9 songs are listed above.

Not a T Swizzle fan? Use the Googles man, this ain’t a game….you think I’d screw around with 1,500 Chron points on the line?