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Rick Pitino says 7 or 8 players on Louisville's 2015-16 team will play in the NBA

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Our friend Haley O'Shaughnessy from over at The Sporting News has a really good read this afternoon on Montrezl Harrell Terry Rozier and Louisville's lack of staying power when it comes to former players and the NBA.

The whole thing is worth your time, but the section below is of particular interest.

"We've had a lot of guys in the draft," Pitino told Sporting News, "but guys that will stick have to have the total package of ability and agility."

But Louisville may find a change at the 2015 NBA Draft — so much so that the number of Cardinals in the NBA could double.

Montrezl Harrell Terry Rozier and Wayne Blackshear are working out with teams leading up to Thursday's draft. Harrell and Rozier have created enough buzz to be considered first-round picks in most mock drafts.

Of Pitino's drafted players, three remain in the league: Gorgui Dieng in Minnesota, Russ Smith in Memphis and Earl Clark in Brooklyn. The latter two played a combined 158 minutes last season, while Dieng was a solid role player and occasional starter for the Timberwolves.

"That's good that they're in the league," Rozier said, "but there should be more than that."

Pitino sees Rozier and Harrell, who were both voted to the All-Atlantic Coast Conference second team, as leaders for another wave.

"They're very aggressive people," Pitino said. "They'll stick in the NBA, and I think we are just scratching the surface. I've got a lot of guys right now, seven or eight guys on the team, who aren't one-and-dones but will play in the NBA someday."

I would enjoy that assertion coming to fruition.