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Now Accepting Nominations For The 2014-15 CC Least Cool Person Tournament

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The end of the baseball season means the start of the reflection/preview period for most college sports communities in America, but here it means something else: the time to decide which person, place or thing was the least cool over the course of the past athletic season.

A CC tradition unlike any other, the least cool person tournament is back and now officially accepting nominations.

A few things to address before we get this ball rolling...

Past Champions

For the unfamiliar, here's the group of chotches this year's champion will be joining:

2007-08: Larry Taylor
2008-09: Mitch Barnhart
2009-10: Steve Kragthorpe
2010-11: Brandon Bender
2011-12: Doug Gottlieb
2012-13: Digger Phelps
2013-14: FedEx


We will be sticking with an 8-entity tournament for a third straight year, as once again, I think U of L has been too successful in an athletic season to generate too many uncool enemies.

Who Can Be Nominated?

Remember that despite the name of the tournament, the participants don't have to be individuals or even actual people. All you have to do is look at last year's finalists -- FedEx and the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee -- for evidence.


I think there are three major storylines as we head into this year's tournament.

1) Can John Calipari bounce back after seeing his remarkable consecutive runner-up streak end at four?

2) Will a non-human champion become the new trend?

3) Who will be the first person to say "this should have been the championship" in the comments section of every first round matchup?

With all that out of the way, I will kick things off with the traditional first nomination by nominating the replay officials from game three of the Louisville-Fullerton Super Regional for the tournament.

Feel free to share your nominee or nominees in the comments section. The field for this year's tournament will be announced on Monday, and the tournament will begin shortly after.