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Wednesday evening Cardinal news and notes

Addison Smith is too fired up to be celebrating both her first year of life and Louisville's first year in the ACC.

I_medium So the Google Street View folks are going to be on U of L's campus from 9 a.m.-noon tomorrow. It's time to bust out the Bird Masks, kids. Seriously. Become legends.

I_medium Per Jeff Goodman, the 2016 Battle 4 Atlantis field now includes:

Michigan State
St. John's 
Wichita State

Not bad.

I_medium Steve Jones catches up with new U of L running back commit Malik Staples.

Why did you decide Louisville was a good choice for you?

I've been to Louisville before, but I'd never been on campus. When I got to get on campus, they took us around the dorms. The dorms are second to none. The only other people that I have competition with the (quality of) the dorms are Auburn. Other than that, all the facilities are top-notch, and then with the coaches and their production. They produce NFL prospects. Ten of them were drafted, and that's not even counting the free agents. So I know that they can get me to the NFL, and not only that, I love the way (coach Bobby) Petrino works. Petrino makes sure you have a degree before you go to the NFL or if you're leaving college early or whatever the case may be.

How much did they mention the draft picks?

They bring it up a few times, but I already did my research. They were second in college (for the most picks). Florida State was No. 1 (with 12), and FSU only had one or two more. That was crazy that they were producing that amount of prospects, and my dream is to play in the NFL. That was a big plus.

What did they tell you back when they made you an offer as to why they liked you?

The traditional Louisville running back, they've always had big backs, and they love that I'm a big back. They think I'm quick, I'm physical, and I've got great explosiveness.

I_medium You have to love those who saw him this week in Colorado describing Chinanu Onuaku's play as "high motor."

I_medium's Boston website profiles Montrezl Harrell, whose "pros" list far outweighs his "cons."

I_medium Louisville has offered a scholarship to Male High wide receiver Keion Wakefield.

I_medium's Marc Sessler says that with Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings have the NFL's third best backfield.

I_medium Braden Gall of Athlon compares ACC and SEC football programs to musical acts.

Louisville: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Big and badass when each dominated its former genre (Big East) before transitioning into mainstream (ACC) slowly but eventually with success. Has shown major staying power and extraordinary talent with some volatile leadership and a love of black and red color scheme.


Florida State: Justin Bieber

No one has a more rabid and vocal following — especially on Twitter — than the Beebs and the Noles. The fans are crazy passionate and will do anything to support their guys. Both are astronomically successful but so easy to hate from the outside.


Kentucky: Will Smith

He's not exactly rock and roll but he fits here. Smith, like Kentucky, is more well-known for something other than music (football). And his music was really fun and well-liked — but only like two songs/years.

I_medium Eric Crawford's top five sports moments list is topped by Bill Murray playing golf at a Fuzzy Zoeller event.

I_medium Taylor County point guard David Sloan (2017) is "ecstatic" about receiving a scholarship offer from Louisville.

I_medium Noooooope.

I_medium Louisville baseball has landed a commitment from Shaker Heights, OH (the home of Terry Rozier) pitcher/outfielder Connor Adams.

I_medium Louisville City FC took the MLS' Chicago Fire into extra time in the fourth round of the U.S. Open Cup before falling 1-0 on a controversial goal.

I_medium This aggression cannot stand, Louisville.

I_medium On the eve of the 2015 U.S. Open, this is as solid a look as you're going to find as to why most golf people don't like Bubba Watson very much.

I_medium Doss star Tay Weaver has committed to Dan McHale and Eastern Kentucky.

I_medium Fox Sports says Louisville might not beat Auburn on Sept. 5, but they're a good bet to cover.

Auburn Tigers (-13) vs. Louisville Cardinals *on neutral field in Atlanta, GA

This is my favorite bet of the opening weekend. While Auburn should win the game, expect the game to be much closer than the nearly two-touchdown spread would indicate. Love him or hate him, Bobby Petrino is one of the top college coaches in the game and the hype train on Auburn is currently speeding off the rails at the moment. Expect Petrino to find enough cracks in Muschamp's defense to make this game interesting. Take the 13 points and run before the line shifts closer to 10.

I_medium UConn is now targeting U of L WR commit Chris Taylor-Yamanoha from California.

I_medium Yes they do, and yes it is.

I_medium ESPN's summer recruiting bible (Insider) looks at Louisville.

I_medium The 2015 class of the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame has been officially inducted. It includes Randy Marsh.

I_medium SB Nation's Bill Connelly has a fun look at what might have happened had Texas joined the Pac-12 a few years past as many believed they would. He says Louisville would have still wound up in the ACC, but they would have had some additional company.

5. Cincinnati, Kansas, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, UConn and (conditionally) Notre Dame join the ACC.

In real life, the Big East had lofty ambitions. It briefly added TCU, Boise State, and San Diego State, and it was one of a few conferences that acknowledged interest in the Big 12's potential leftovers.

Unfortunately, the Big East was a mess, housing football schools and non-football schools. Pitt and Syracuse sneaked out to the ACC, where Notre Dame agreed to a part-time arrangement. The Big East ended up adding half of Conference USA and splitting into two conferences.

We'll say that still happens. The ACC plucks away some key programs (Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse) and basketball powerhouse Kansas. And to stick a fork in the "four 16-team super-conferences" idea -- since when has college football ever been organized enough to come up with something like a perfect four-conference structure? -- it adds Notre Dame as a partial 15th member.

But who gets slots No. 13 and 14? Does the inclusion of Kansas make fellow Big 12ers Iowa State and Kansas State options? Or does the league go with the less geographically ridiculous Cincinnati and UConn?

The latter, which opens the door for the Big 12.

I_medium Malik Staples says teammate Baylen Buchanan, who is also a Louisville commit, was "jumping up and down" when Staples announced he was heading to the Derby City as well.

I_medium And finally, Louisville was the second biggest winner of realignment madness, according to Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman.