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The Cardinal Countdown: 83 Days Until Kickoff

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

#83 Micky Crum

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-4/257

Position: Tight end

Hometown: Columbus, OH


Thoughts: I really like Towbridge, if he sticks at the position I was encouraged by what I saw from Standberry last season and all signs point to Cole Hikutini being a solid player, but Micky Crum is my favorite tight end on the roster. While sometimes discouraging for the athlete, I was actually glad Crum got a redshirt last year knowing that Christian and Towbridge would eat up a significant amount of minutes at the position and agreed with most that Crum could stand to add another 10-15lb on his frame. When Crum signed on NSD back in February of 2014 he was listed at 246lb and the latest roster update now has him at 257lb which I think is a great weight for someone with his size and speed. Having played both sides of the ball in high school Micky has quick feet and good hands and once he masters some of the unique blocking schemes from the TE position he’ll be a hell of a weapon at the end of the line. I mentioned it when recapping Towbridge back on Day 89, but I think the TE position will be a battle this year and two tight end sets may show up at a greater frequency than in the past if Crum or Hikutini can prove their worth. I still have Keith as my first option but I like Crum to start eating into those minutes as the season progresses. I’d say a 10-15 catch season would be a great start for the RS Freshman as he begins to move into a more prominent role.

Sweet Tweet:

As a "grown ass man" I will freely admit I love going to the zoo. Sure, my small daughter now adds some more to the experience, but it’s a solid afternoon no matter what age you may be. Checking out the lions, gators, monkeys, penguins…and you better believe I'm getting on that "choo choo" train. Sure, I got yelled at last time for "entering the animal enclosure" and "creating an unsafe environment", but I’m sure we’ll get it all sorted out in the courts.