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The Cardinal Countdown: 85 Days Until Kickoff

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

#85 Cody Swabek

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-1/168

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Trinity High School)

Twitter: @C_Swabbie

Thoughts: If the name Swabek rings a bell it’s because Cody’s father, Craig, is a former UofL tailback (‘85-‘88) and is now the color commentator for the football Cards alongside the infamous Paul Rogers. Cody came into the Louisville program last season as a preferred walk-on after getting some interest from UK and Boise State amongst others, and similar to Bagley he was in a wait and learn scenario. (Before you internally dismiss a walk-on, don’t forget one Scotty Radcliff, who was huge for the Cards as his career progressed and even earned a scholly his senior year) We had a ton of veteran players at the WR position and getting on the field as a true freshman was going to be tough. Cody took a redshirt last year and now has an opportunity to slide into some PT at the slot receiver role Petrino loves so much. When you look at Eli (leading receiver) last year, you can see just how important that position is in opening up the long ball, shot yardage crossing routes and even helping open up the run. The stereotype for the slot position is ‘small and fast’ and Swabek happens to fit both of those criteria to a tee. With a compact 6-1, 168lb frame and some speed to burn Cody may see some game action in 2015 alongside Dontez Byrd and Traveon Samual. One benefit for Cody is that he and Reggie have some history, playing together for the Rocks back in 2013, getting quite a few ‘pass and catch’ reps in the books. (We saw the potential benefit of that type of relationship with Teddy and Eli.) I’m not putting Bonnafon and Swabek on that level quite yet, but if Reg and ‘Moses Buttergoonkeep grinding, who knows what we’ll see down the road.

Sweet Tweet:

Evidently Cody is the modern day Dr. Seuss of pastries. While I’ve never added butter to my Pop-Tart I have tasted quite a few of the various flavors they offer. I recently came across an article where someone actually took the time to rank all 27 varieties of Pop-Tarts. Of course, now that it’s 2015 we should all be well aware that ‘Chocolate Chip’ is the best Pop-Tart…but I’ll still act as if I value his opinion on the other 26.