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Rick Pitino serves up a Louisville basketball summer roster breakdown

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

A day after announcing that he was getting a contract extension that will keep him at Louisville through the 2025-26 season, Cardinal head coach Rick Pitino broke down his 2015-16 roster with the C-J's Jeff Greer.

Here are a couple highlights:

* Jaylen Johnson: The 6-foot-9 sophomore is "strictly a 4," Pitino said, while Mangok Mathiang, Chinanu Onuaku and Anas Mahmoud can play both post spots. Johnson has improved leaps and bounds in the past nine weeks, and his best asset is his energy. He can obviously improve in a lot of ways, Pitino said, but the Michigan native's motor and relentless attitude on the floor will make him a key guy. The biggest offseason challenge for the coaching staff, particularly strength and conditioning guru Ray Ganong, is getting Johnson's body fat percentage from 9 percent down to 7 percent, Pitino said. They want him to be able to stay on the floor and play a lot.


* Anas Mahmoud: The 7-foot sophomore is up to 215 pounds after starting school at 187. His goal, as he told us back in April, is a 225-pound frame by the time the season starts. He's made enough progress in other areas that Pitino called Mahmoud's knee surgery late last week "almost a blessing, because we're putting weight on him." Pitino said Mahmoud is walking around fine and was shooting free throws on Tuesday, and that he will be running again in about three weeks and practicing in four weeks.

As far as the weight issue with Mahmoud goes, the same still applies for Mangok Mathiang. The problem with both guys is they have "slim rear ends," Pitino said, before cracking a joke. "We're looking into calling the Kardashian family to find out more information about rear end implants."

Among the other noteworthy items in the report is the news that freshman Ryan McMahon will "definitely" redshirt this season.

You can read the entire breakdown right here.