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The Cardinal Countdown: 96 Days Until Kickoff

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

#96 Henry Famurewa

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-2/245

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Powder Springs, GA

Twitter: @DoubleFAM15

Thoughts: Ever since we started recruiting Henry back in 2013 I’ve always referred to him as FamU. I know, not winning any awards for creativity, but I thought it fit him on a deeper level as well. For those unaware, FAMU is also an abbreviation for Florida A&M (Agricultural & Mechanical) University. Henry, at 6-2, 245lb has the ‘mechanics’ necessary to be a successful linebacker in the Grantham system. His film showed he had decent foot work and new how to use his hands along the line. He was a defensive end in high school so we know he doesn’t mind getting dirty with the big uglies up front but that also made him a little raw at linebacker coming in (the ‘agricultural’ side of my analogy. Don’t judge me). He picked the 3-4 scheme up pretty well last year sliding into the outside linebacker position and earned some playing time as a true freshman even with a veteran linebacking core. That’s in itself is saying something. Grantham has praised FamU this spring for his work in the offseason saying he’s going to be stepping into a larger role now that Mount and Lozo have departed. Last season the depth chart was laid out that FamU may actually slide into a starting spot this year if he played well, but with the offseason addition of Devonte Fields he looks to play relief for him and potentially the other outside backer (probably Keith Brown or Nick Dawson) as long as Fields actually makes it to the, you know, field this year. FamU took advantage of the absence of Fields in the Spring Game and looked like one of the more dominant players on defense that night leading the Red team in tackles, sacks and QB hurries. Depending upon how Fields and Brown play he may warrant some more time on the outside, even as a Sophomore, as Grantham has always taken the approach of getting the best eleven guys out there no matter what it takes. The starting linebackers last year were excellent in my opinion, but depth is what hurt the team as the season wore on and injuries and fatigue began to set in. We had the talent in our starting lineup to compete in the ACC year one, but the 2nd and 3rd team guys weren’t quite ready. We need players like FamU, Stacy Thomas and Isaac Stewart to step up and minimize the drop off when forced to play the second unit. Their energy and ability will help determine whether those games late in the season against the Virginia’s and Pitt’s of the world end up as wins or losses.

Sweet Tweet:

Yes. The answer is always yes, especially if you’re from out of town. You have to go at least once, its better if you go three or four times and once you go six or seven times you might as well just put a stupid amount of money in your budget each year for it.

[sits at kitchen table with computer looking through bills]

“Hey honey, we may have to cut out cable or maybe knock the thermostat down this winter to like 65. Things are getting kind of tight”

“65! What in world happened? I mean, if we have too I understand I just wish we could…wait a second, what is this random $5,000 for up here in the May budget?”


“Oh….…well, 65 is pretty damn chilly. I’ll have to go get us a couple more sweatshirts”