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Terry Rozier surprises 3-year-old super fan by crashing his birthday party

While most of us were "busy" spending the Sunday after the Derby trying to move as little as possible, Terry Rozier (who was as active as anyone this weekend) was making sure that one of his biggest fans had a memorable birthday.

Here's the story from reader Mark Kull:

Today my best friend, Nate Haney and his wife Meredith had a 3rd birthday party for their son Miles. Miles is obsessed with Terry Rozier -- his party was already going to have a Terry cake and Miles wanted to wear his Terry jersey. In fact when they pretend to play ball in the basement everyone can choose who they like, but NO one besides Miles can be Terry.

Well enter in the Hermitage grand gala this past Friday. Meredith met Terry and took a picture with him to show Miles. She explained to Terry how much miles loved him and that his party was centered around Terry. Terry then mentioned if he had time on Sunday he would love to stop by. Meredith didn't think too much about it but gave him their address.

Low and behold, we're all hanging around outside at the party tonight, and around the corner walks Terry Rozier.

I can't say enough about the next HOUR and half he spent there. Playing basketball with kids, singing happy birthday, eating cake and ice cream and taking about 100 candid and staged pictures with strangers.

I have been blessed to have a lot of exposure to the football and basketball programs, and you hear a lot about these kind of stories, but my mind is still in shock. This guy, whose rough life growing up is well documented, took time to come make some kid's birthday party after meeting his parents for 10 minutes. Simply freaking amazing.

The world needs more Terry Roziers.