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Louisville football season win total bet odds released

5Dimes released its first set of win total odds for the 2015 college football season and Louisville's was set at 7.5.

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

5Dimes, the offshore sportsbook, released its first set of college football win total bets for the 2015 season. They set Louisville's total at 7.5 wins with the under juiced every so slightly more than the over bet (under was set at -130 meaning you bet $130 to get $100 and the over at -110). This means that for all intents and purposes, 5Dimes sees it as a coin flip that Louisville goes over or under that 7.5 win total. The quarterback battle lingering into the fall (at least officially) and the the schedule (Auburn on a neutral field, Florida State, NC State, Kentucky, Pitt all on the road, Clemson on short rest) both likely contribute to the number being perhaps a little lower than some might expect.

The win total at 7.5 means 5Dimes believes Louisville will most likely go 8-4 or 7-5 with 6-6 or 9-3 being the next most likely final regular season records. Most of Louisville's opponents have win total bets as well.Boston College is at 5.5 (-135 over/-105 under), Clemson is at 8.5 (-170/130), Houston is at 8 (105/-145), Kentucky is at 6 (-120/-120), Pittsburgh is at 6 (-120/-120), Syracuse at 4.5 (-125/-115), Wake Forest at 3.5 (-125/-115), NC State at 7.5 (-105/-135) and Auburn is at 8 (100/-140).

If you forced me to bet, I'm taking over 7.5 for Louisville. Off the bat I think Louisville will beat Houston, Samford, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Wake Forest and Virginia. That means they'd only have to beat one of at Kentucky, at Florida State, Clemson, at NC State, and Auburn in the opener. Now, they might only win one of those (at Kentucky) but that'd be enough to go over the 7.5 number. Win at NC State as well and the team is at worst 9-3 like in 2014.