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Rick Pitino still wants to add one more player for 2015-16

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed the first episode of my new radio show with John Ramsey on 93.9 The Ville Tuesday, then you missed Rick Pitino calling in to give his thoughts on a variety of topics. Most notable among those topics was the discussion of what Pitino plans to do with the one available scholarship he still has at his disposal for the 2015-16 season.

"We're still looking at a lot of different possibilities," Pitino said. "I would definitely like to use it. I don't want to save it. There's no reason to save it, because we're thinking about redshirting Ryan McMahon, so now you're down to 11 scholarship athletes. Although we do have a couple walk-ons that have had experience.

"We're gonna try to play a little faster than we've normally played because our shooting's going to be a lot better. We're going to put in some new, quick-hitting things that I think are going to be exciting. But I would like to bring in one more person."

The most obvious player to fill the role Pitino is talking about is sharp-shooter Maverick Rowan, who will reportedly make a decision on whether or not he plans to reclassify to the 2015 class in the next 10 days. If he wants to reclassify and potentially join Louisville for the 2015-16 season, the 6'7 Rowan must complete two courses in summer school.

Pitino also touched on the biggest current national story in college basketball, the changes proposed by the sport's rules committee last week.

"There are two things they're trying to accomplish," Pitino said of the rules committee. "One, make the game a little bit shorter. And then two, going to a 30 second shot clock -- with for us to have a 35 second shot clock and the women to have 30, we were really behind the times -- it's only going to make good defensive teams better. Let's take Virginia, for instance. Now if you only have 30 seconds rather than 35 to get a shot against their defense, that's only going to help their defense.

"Same way with us. We're a pressing team, getting teams to take eight seconds in the backcourt, and then having less time on the clock to run their offense against us only makes our defense stronger. Offensively, it's never bothered us. We play with a 28 second shot clock in practice. So I think it's going to help the game, make it more exciting, even if it's only three or four more possessions per game. At least perception wise, it'll calm Jay Bilas down and make him like college basketball again."

To listen to the full interview with Pitino as well as the monologue from our first show, check out the audio vault on ESPN Louisville.