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Card Chronicle is coming to 93.9 The Ville full time

I am extremely pumped to announce that beginning Tuesday, I will be joining 93.9 The Ville full-time as the co-host of The John Ramsey Show from 3-6 on Monday-Friday.

Our show will be centered around Louisville sports, it will be hosted by two guys who are unabashed Cardinal fans, and we will have maximal access to the biggest names with the program. That doesn't mean that we're going to sugar-coat it (or just straight out lie) if U of L gets hammered by 30 points in football or basketball, it just means that both of us are going to be open about where we stand and that the show will follow the direction of a pair of guys who want to see the Cards succeed.

My hope is that the show will eventually (or, preferably, right out of the gate) be driven by your calls. This isn't going to be one of those talk radio deals where the callers are ridiculed or cut-off because they have a differing view point. This is sports, and there are far less absolutes in sports than the current media climate would lead you to believe. If I disagree with a caller I might lay out the reasons why I think they're wrong, but I'm certainly not going to ridicule anyone for their beliefs or state my position as if it's fact (unless it is). If that's something that has kept you from calling other shows in the past, don't let it hold you back from joining our discussion.

I want this to be a shared ride for all of us. I want to bring the fun stuff we talk about here at CC onto the radio, I want people who don't ordinary call into sports talk shows to feel like they can, and I want people to be able to follow along with the program here on the site.

To clarify, outside of show threads and posting the podcast afterward, nothing's going to change with Card Chronicle ... except for me becoming more of a villain, since people seem to hate everyone who does radio ... and I'm good with that.

So anyway, brace yourselves for the amount of '90s TV references on your radio dial to increase by about 97 percent, and get ready to listen to me scramble to find ways to express myself in ways that are "radio appropriate." Also start taking bets on the first time I accidentally say something that isn't radio appropriate.

This all should be lots of fun.