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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

The early portion of the Cardinal rolls on with the Lustig's from Lake Louise in Banff, Canada.

I_medium A reminder that the Louisville baseball team begins its first run in the ACC Tournament tonight at 7 against North Carolina. Here's how to watch.

I_medium The latest NBA mock draft from The Sporting News has Montrezl Harrell going to the Chicago Bulls and Terry Rozier going to their new rival, the Cleveland Cavaliers. I would enjoy seeing both of those things happen.

I_medium Just in case you'd forgotten, James Burgess is a bad, bad man.

Football will be here before you know it! It won't be long before LB James Burgess is back on the field making plays for the Cards! #DoWork #CardNation

Posted by University of Louisville Football on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I_medium According to the C-J's Jeff Greer, the U of L basketball team's work in the classroom is about to bank Rick Pitino 150K.

I_medium If you don't like the ACC's current pool format for its baseball tournament, well, tough.

Sometimes we don't get what we want. That is the message the ACC has clearly sent the conference's head baseball coaches.

What the coaches want is a 10-team, double-elimination format for the conference tournament -- and they are not shy about saying so.

"The setup is not good. As coaches, we voted to take it to a 10-team, double-elimination," said NC State head coach Elliot Avent. "That never came about, I don't understand it because we passed that a couple years ago."

"I voted against the format we have now. That's on the record," said UNC head coach Mike Fox. "I don't know how it moved forward if the coaches all voted against it. There are too many coaches that voted against it."

In fact, Fox and Avent are correct. The coaches' vote was to change the format back to a traditional double-elimination bracket like the ACC used prior to 2007 (although the field was just eight teams in 2006).

The problem, however, is that the ACC's governing structure -- the Senior Woman Administrators, the Athletic Directors, and the Faculty Academic Representatives -- doesn't have to listen to them. And they are not.

I_medium U of L soccer player Daniel Keller has signed a professional contract with Indy Eleven.

I_medium SB Nation's Kevin O'Connor has Montrezl Harrell at No. 26 on his latest NBA Draft big board.

I_medium Sam Madison talks about Bobby Petrino and the evolution of the U of L football program since his days as a Cardinal.

"It is so awesome," Madison said. "Coach (Bobby) Petrino is doing such a great time with these young guys. He's really, really made a difference."

Madison said it's a lot of fun now that he's seeing more and more U of L players being drafted into the NFL. He said the recent 10 draft picks and five other players signing free-agent contracts is "amazing."

"When I came into the National Football League our players were scattered," Madison said. "You would have one here and one there. There was only like 1-2 guys and now you can go down the rosters and see a lot of Louisville guys all over the place.

"It shows the program is doing something really good."

Madison, who trains college kids in South Florida and does radio and television for FinSider (Miami Dolphins network), said he was "excited" to see DeVante Parker play for the Dolphins. Madison trained former U of L safety Gerod Holliman, who was picked by the Steelers, prior to the draft.

"It's a lot of fun to watch (the program)," Madison said. "So much fun."

I_medium XN Sports says Teddy Bridgewater's numbers could catch up to his play in 2015.

I_medium In more Teddy news, the former Card says he wants to have an NFL career like Brett Favre's ... except with more Super Bowls.

"If I could be like any other quarterback that played in the National Football League, I would have to say Brett Favre is the guy," Bridgwater said. "Besides the injuries and the hits and everything, he had a pretty successful career. He's a Hall a Famer for sure, multiple Super Bowls, and that's something that I look forward to doing.

"Hopefully, I can win more Super Bowls (than Favre)."

That, of course, would make Bridgewater a celebrity -- and a hero in Minnesota, whose NFL fans are still waiting for their first Super Bowl victory after four tries. Keep in mind, the former Louisville star was invited earlier this month to give the "Riders Up" call before the Kentucky Derby.

"I hate to consider myself a celebrity," Bridgewater said. "I'm still a quarterback in the National Football League. I shy away from celebrity status because I don't want to be known as that guy. But I had a chance to partake in the events and the festivities of the Kentucky Derby, and that was a huge honor."

There's another honor Bridgewater wants much more. The Pioneer Press' third question was about trying to lead the Vikings to the first Super Bowl victory in the team's 54-year history.

"The ultimate goal and that's why you play this game," said Bridgewater, who threw for 2,919 yards and 14 touchdown passes as a rookie.

"You play the game to win, and that's why I'm in Minnesota," he added.

I_medium U of L tennis star Sebastian Stiefelmeyer began his run at an individual national title by defeating California's Andre Goransson 6-4, 6-3 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Wednesday.

I_medium Team chemistry is at an all-time low amongst the Cardinal pitching staff in Durham.

I_medium ESPN ranks the potential regional hosts for the NCAA baseball tournament and has Louisville at No. 4.

4. Louisville (42-14, No. 9 RPI)

Jim Patterson Stadium (Louisville)
This week: No. 1 seed in ACC tournament

The Cards will play the winner of the No. 8 vs. No. 9 game between North Carolina and Virginia Tech. After that, they'll play fifth-seeded Clemson and fourth-seeded Florida State.

What they need to do: Louisville had the winningest season in ACC history, going 25-5. That alone should ensure they'll stay a national seed, despite the No. 9 RPI. A little insurance with a couple of wins wouldn't hurt, though.

I_medium Could Terry Rozier wind up in Brooklyn?

I_medium A reminder to get your picks in for the greatest Louisville basketball players of all-time.

I_medium This is one of the ultimate gaffes in pop culture phrases history.

I_medium And finally, the Trailblazers are taking a long, hard look at Montrezl Harrell.