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You Vote: The 20 Best Louisville Basketball Players of All-Time

Al Bello/Getty Images

So every offseason for the last few years, I've posted my list of the basketball players I believe are the 20 greatest to ever wear the red and black. Debate ensues, young and old fans clash about recency and primacy bias, and a few people make me feel bad about myself. It's a great tradition.

Instead of doing that this year, I thought I'd make this a community effort. Everyone posts their personal list of the 10 best Louisville basketball players ever (using whatever justification you prefer) in the comments section, and then I'll tabulate the results and post the Card Chronicle 25 next week.

I'll kick it off with my top 10 of...

1) Darrell Griffith (1976-1980)

2) Wes Unseld (1964-1968)

3) Pervis Ellison (1985-1989)

4) Charlie Tyra (1953-1957)

5) Butch Beard (1966-1969)

6) Russ Smith (2010-2014)

7) Derek Smith (1978-1982)

8) DeJuan Wheat (1993-1997)

9) Milt Wagner (1981-1986)

10) Junior Bridgeman (1972-1975)

For reference, here's the entire top 20 post from last year.

If you'd like to participate but don't have an account for the site, feel free to email me your top 10 and I'll make sure it's included.