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Help make the Russ Smith movie happen

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we posted the trailer for a movie that Russ Smith Sr. is hoping to make about the life and times of his son, Cardinal legend Russ Smith. For that movie to be made, Big Russ need to raise some funds.

"We have a lot of big actors in the New York area who are willing to jump on board if we can raise the money," Smith Sr. said. "We're really hopeful that we can make this happen."

Smith's hope is that he can rely on the Louisville fan base to help with a chunk of the funding, since it's a group that has been so supportive of him and his family.

"I love Louisville," Smith Sr. said. "I sent my son there and was blown away by the love and support he wound up receiving. We go back there now still and we do the summer camps and things like that. It's definitely become a second home."

If you're interested in helping this movie get made, check out Big Russ' Go Fund Me page. And if you're having second thoughts, just think of the Oscar speech that it might result in.