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Shaqquan Aaron will transfer from Louisville

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Exactly one week after it was announced he would be spending his sophomore season at Louisville, Shaqquan Aaron has now announced that he intends to transfer. Rick Pitino confirmed the decision on Wednesday.

Despite being the most highly-touted member of Pitino's recruiting class of 2014, Aaron averaged just 7.2 minutes and 1.3 points per game while being stuck behind senior Wayne Blackshear on the Cardinal depth chart. He was forced to sit out the first 9 games of the season after the NCAA ruled that his parents accepted illegal benefits to pay for housing during his freshman year of high school.

Aaron seemed dissatisfied throughout his freshman season, but given the fact that he must now sit out an entire season somewhere else, and given the fact that he had the inside track on being Louisville's starter at the three with Blackshear gone, this surprises me. Regardless, best of luck to Shaqquan in the future.